Welcome to SunPK.com

Sun, the almost notable sometimes used-to-be drag queen brings you a variety of original music including his "Neo-Sunshine/alternative/soft rock" album "Inquire Within", colorful  paintings and is pictured in drag with celebrities Hugh Hefner, Angela Lansbury, Queen Latifah, The Del Rubio Triplets, Lypsinka and many more.

            This site was created as a way of bringing the music, art & drag of Sun PK to the world or is it to bring the world to the music, art & drag of Sun PK. Well, whatever. That is the declared purpose of this site. Sharing Sunís creations. Though SunPK.com has retained many of the elements it was originally designed with it has been taken over and is re-created and maintained by Sunshine Design. Visit the Sunshine Design website for more information as well as links to sites created for other artists and musicians like Michael Wilk.

SunPK.com is also home to Sort of Records, a label devoted to rescuing music imprisoned on vinyl and bringing it to you on CD - audio cleaned and in beautifully designed packages.

            Though there are decidedly commercial aspects to it (wouldn't mind selling a painting or two and a few CDs), the most important thing about this site is that people enjoy it. We want the site to be eye and ear candy but we also want it to be user friendly so your feedback is welcome.

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