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Sorry, the T-Shirt Iron-Ons of Historic East Village Icons are no longer available
but we've left the designs here for your viewing pleasure.
Eichelberger #1
John Sex
Wendy Wild
Baby Gregor
Eichelberger #2
Music! Music! Music!
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"Inquire Within" by Sun
15 Tracks
Now comes with bonus track: "I'm Happy Just To Dance With You"

$11.50 + $1.50 S&H

"Spin Girl Spin" by 100th Monkey features DJ Normand's Firece Girl Club Mix and the original version

$5.00 + $1.50 S&H

"Country Sun" by The Sun Country Singers

16 Extraordinary Tracks

$12.50 + $1.50 S&H

"Critical Mass"
by 100th Monkey
The original CD features the amazing "must hear" version of "Telstar" with lyrics by Sun. Now includes all versions of all songs.
14 tracks.

$10.50 + $1.50 S&H

The single of "It's A Smiley Face World" with the album intro of "Love Will Take Your Breath Away (little)" from "Inquire Within"
$4.00 + 1.00 S&H (slimcase)

"Sun Pop"
by The Sunshine Girls.
13 of Sun's songs sung by a variety of fabulous femme fatales! Includes "Candle Of Love".

$8.00 + 1.00 S&H (slimcase)

"Sundancing" by The Sundance Singers.
8 of Sun's perky Pop/Dance songs sung by some of the greatest session singers in the world.

$6.00 + 1.00 S&H (slimcase)

"Sun Soul" by The Sun Soul Singers

13 of Sun's R&B/Pop songs sung by...you guessed it, those fabulous session singers!

$8.00 + 1.00 S&H (slimcase)

"Rock The Sun" by The Rock The Sun Singers

Only 6 songs were considered good enough to make the grade...but they're great!

$6.00 + 1.00 S&H (slimcase)

"Candle Of Love" by Eve

Something to help us through these uncertain times.

$4.00 + 1.00 S&H (slimcase)

"The Official SunPK.com Souvenir Stickers" Extraction A

8 different designs - 2 sets

$4.24 + .76 S&H

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Be sure to look at the designs in the Sort Of Records catalog too!
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