Diana Markovitz

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Diana Markovitz was one of the few impersonations that Sun did. She was actually a bizarre comedic singer who had released a couple of albums in the mid 70's; "Horse of A Different Feather" on Columbia in '75 and "Joi de Vivre" on Kama Sutra in '76. Sun's appearances as Diana should rate her as a secondary character...if not a main one...because of the impact of her performances. But he did very few shows as her. And they were zingers. Sun did two of her songs at one Wigstock ("Three Toed Sloth" and "Herschel") and a couple of years later did another one of her songs ("Don't Call It Love") along with an original humorous composition favoring child abuse for noisy children called "Noisy Kids Get Punished" which remains etched in many memories. He wanted to do more performances as Diana but couldn't get commitments for bookings in particular from what had become the rather stodgy, conservative management at The Pyramid. The last Sun knew of the real Diana was in the late 70's when he heard a radio jingle for the Hartz flea collar that he was sure was sung by Diana. Sun says, "Hello Diana! Where ever you are 'I Love You'!!!"