Sunshine Pop and Psych Pop & Rock Albums from the 60's & early 70's

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Union Express - Expressly - We Can Make Music and the Singles - Our first exposure to this marvelous, sunshiney and terminally early 70's band was their big European hit, Ring A Ring Of Roses. We immediately went on a quest and started gathering up singles. Soon, via Youtube, we discovered there was an album that someone had posted a few of the tracks from that subsequently disappeared. Then the discographies began appearing proving that we hadn't lost our minds and there really was an album. After over five years of searching, one appeared in The Netherlands and we managed to snag it. Here, for the first time is the entire album and all of the singles from '71 - '73. According to articles quoting a band member, the first single was Get My Wheels-A-Rollin' though the sleeve and label of the copy we found shows One Good Reason as the A-side but we begin the disc with the band's choice for the A-side and continue chronologically with the album and then the balance of the singles. Most of the tracks were written or co-written by Paul Curtis who is a formidable songwriter and as far as the album tracks go, along with the excellent version of Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil's often covered Make Your Own Kind Of Music, the best tracks are Paul's. While the versions of Mammy Blue and My Way are good, we personally would have preferred more Paul Curtis songs. The only problem we ran into was the LP version of Ring A Ring Of Roses which had been originally recorded in mono sounds like they had tried to make it stereo (much like today's badly "re-mastered" mono to stereo CDs) and it just sounded awful so we used the better quality mono single version. The album version of Emily Knows (B-side of Ring A Ring) was also mono but they apparently did not attempt to disguise this fact. As the early 70's evolved, so did the band, from more Sunshine pop to Glam rock. Stereo and mono tracks are noted on the track listing page. Condition of the vinyl before transfer was VG+ to NM and beautifully audio cleaned.
The Pipe Dream - Wanderers / Lovers - There's no denying the fabulous accomplishments of the creative and talented Steve Schwartz who composed Godspell and Pippin as well as a couple of brilliant Oscar winning songs from more recent Disney fare. Of course, our favorites are his early works with The Cinnamon Ship and this offering by The Pipe Dream that he produced, arranged and wrote half of the songs for. While we're not completely sold on each track individually they all work together as a whole, the exemplary tracks giving the less stellar ones a vicarious shine. The songs were composed by several different writers giving the album an eclectic, versatile feel that is unified by the lush production. Our favorites, the Sunshiniest tracks, Night And The City and Getting To Me reek of pop single-dom and one wonders if the group might not have charted a tune if one of those had been released as a single. Another favorite is one of the real singles, the ballad In The Middle Of The Night which is both melodically and lyrically exquisite. The lyrics are poetic but never cloyingly so (something that can be said for most of the album) and it is beautifully performed by one of the girls. Indeed, all of the vocal performances are excellent and the album comes off like something of a rock opera. The VG+ vinyl has been audio cleaned and the segues are intact.

Tales Of Justine - Petals From A Sunflower - The Tenth Planet limited edition vinyl compilation on CD. Nearly excellent from start to finish, we found only one track by this legendary psych-pop band not terribly worthwhile. All of the songs beginning with the psych classic Sitting On A Blunestone and after are remarkably exquisite. Produced by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber prior to their conquest of musical theater. The VG++ to NM album has been beautifully audio cleaned. For complete track listing click here.
The Forum - The River Is Wide - In the summer of '67 the one boy, two girl trio The Forum had something of a hit with the title track which is usually enough to motivate an official reissue. We got tired of waiting so here it is along with the two non-LP sides. We have nothing bad to say about the material on this album. On the title track Phil Campos sounds like The Righteous Brothers…both of them, flipping seamlessly back and forth from a Phil Medley vibe to a Bobby Hatfield one. The styles of the rest of the album are eclectic but everything works to create a sound that is uniquely Forum. From super easy Sunshine schmaltz pop songs like Girl Without A Boy and I Fall In Love (All Over Again) to some tough psych-pop numbers like Trip On Me and Go Try To Put Out The Sun. From pure Sunshine pop like the original version of It's Sunday (later brilliantly covered by The Sunshine Company) and the edgy, jazzy Look The Other Way to the Barry McGuire-esque snarling and growling of The Time Is Now. The girls take the lead on several tracks, Phil on several and others are shared. It's all good. The engineering on the original album was not ideal and we think we made it a bit better without having the original masters. Condition of the vinyl before transfer was: LP VG++ to Near Mint and the two bonus singles were VG+. The album tracks are stereo. To see the complete playlist and original liner notes, click here. PS: The Grass Roots would have slightly better success with a good version of the title track but we always liked this one better.

Julie Budd - Child Of Plenty - While Julie has had quite an amazing career and made numerous excellent recordings, this first one is still our favorite. It's the material. It opens with Resnick & Levine's compelling All's Quiet On West 23rd. When this single came out it was as edgy as Janis Ian's Society's Child the year before but unfortunately was not quite as well received. While it remains ambiguous, the girl in the song has been killed and we suspect she is the victim of a rape/murder, not just a mugging. Even though the subject is dark, the song isn't maudlin or morose and doesn't bring you down. Most of the rest of the album is original material that ranges from loungey cabaret pop like New Hope and Whistle A Tune to the pure and delicious Sunshine Pop of Yesterday's Sunshine and Follow Your Dream. Julie seems to go against type, takes the dare and successfully covers two pop/rock songs of the time, Los Bravos' Black Is Black and The Doors' People Are Strange - terrific. All perfectly arranged and produced by Herb Bernstein. The VG++ to NM album has been beautifully audio cleaned. For complete track listing and original liner notes, click here.

Harper & Rowe - The beautifully produced self-titled 1969 album by the pop/rock duo at last on CD. As it says in the liner notes, the album is diverse. The pop anthem Here Comes Yesterday Again starts the festivities followed by The Dweller which, falls into the Sunshine lounge category. On many tracks you can hear strong blue-eyed soul, Walker Brothers-like and Motown influences. The Pop-Psych is here as well in Picture Me High and Sunshine bounce is even represented in You And Me (Me And You). The vocal performances tie the whole thing together. The other unifying element of this eclectic album is that the vocal and instrumental arrangements are done to perfection. The VG++ to Near Mint stereo vinyl has been beautifully audio cleaned. To see the complete track listing, album credits and liner notes, click here.

Follow Me - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - We loved our single of Dino, Desi & Billy's Thru Spray Colored Glasses so much that we got this album for their two additional songs. Also, we're fans of Stu Phillips - after all, anyone who had anything to do with Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls is more than worthy of worship. We didn't expect much in the way of the non-pop song score but weren't we surprised and swept away by Mr. Phillips' stunning, travelogue-esque score that takes us around the world through compelling, ethnic rhythms and melodies, as well as thru spray colored glasses! Mr. Phillips co-writer on two of the three pop songs was David Gates while the fab Like The Wind And Sea was co-penned by Ronnie Franklin. Condition of vinyl before transfer was VG+ to VG++ and has been beautifully audio cleaned. To see complete track listing and liner notes, click here.
Procession - The exquisite self-titled 1969 album by the Australian band Procession at last on CD. It's all here, the writing, performance, arrangements, production - everything. From the uptempo Sunshine-Psych Pop of You - Me and Essentially Susan to the Sunshine bounce of Automobile and Anthem; From lilting ballads like Adelaide, Adelaide and Gently Does It to the anthemic message pop of Every American Citizen; from the easy-breezy loungey September In July to the tripped-out Psych pop of Mind Magician. Take our word, every track is great. The VG++ to Near Mint stereo vinyl has been beautifully audio cleaned. To see the complete track listing, album credits and liner notes, click here.

Heaven Bound with Tony Scotti - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do - What can we say? This is an absolute MUST for Sunshine Popsters. This vocal group consists of three brilliant producers, Tony Scotti, Michael Lloyd and Tommy Oliver along with Eddie Medora all exquisitely supporting the beautiful lead vocals of Joan Medora. There were two issues of this album both in 1972, the first simply called Heaven Bound with Tony Scotti. The replacement of one song (Lennon & McCartney's I Will) gave the album the title for it's second issue, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, an awesome cover of the Sedaka - Greenfield classic. The lush vocal arrangements at times sound like Brian Wilson was not only directing, but participating in them. There are several other unique and beyond delightful covers. A Green Tambourine-ized version of the folk classic Five Hundred Miles and Sunshiney versions of Steve Stills' Bluebird and Neil Young's On The Way Home brilliantly reinvent the songs. Not only that but other songs include the less well known Paul Williams - Roger Nichols song I Kept On Loving You. Another delicious contribution comes by way of Mike Curb's Open Up Your Heart. And there's yet another A-list songwriter contribution from Terry Cashman and Tommy West. The CD has all of the tracks from both issues of the album and also includes the group's first non-LP 1971 single, one side of which was their 'theme song' Heaven Bound written by Hatch (we're presuming it's Tony). UPDATE!!! We found the final non-LP A-side single, Mother Country from 1973 and it's now included as a bonus track. Condition of albums before transfer was VG++ to NM and bonus singles were VG+ to VG++. It all audio cleaned up beautifully. Album tracks and B-side of the bonus single are stereo. Oddly, the A-side of the first non-LP single is mono. To see the complete track listing click here.
The Goggles - Music From The Original Soundtrack - The 1971 album from the 1970 NBC Children's Theater TV program. We know little about the TV show but a pop group was put together for it and we presume were the central characters. These characters apparently encountered numerous guest stars including Judy Carne, James Earl Jones, James Coco, Tom Poston, Tammy Grimes and more who are pictured on the inside photo montage. Songs include compositions by Shelley Pinz and Lee Pockriss along with other songwriters. Theres also a lush telling of what we believe is the first version of Don't Say You Don't Remember which became a hit in early 1972 for Beverly Bremers. A Sunshiney listen from start to finish. The VG+ to VG++ stereo LP has been beautifully audio cleaned. To see the complete track listing, album credits and liner notes, click here.

The American Revolution - The American Revolution - The original 1968 Flick Disc album features the stellar Sunshine pop single, Cold Wisconsin Nights written by Michael Lloyd who co-produced it with Mike Curb. In fact, while wonderman Lloyd was only involved on the opening track, the rest of the songs from a variety of writers are equal to the task. Two of the tracks penned by band members and produced by Larry Brown include the psych pop gem Opus #1. Harley Hatcher produced the balance of the album and wrote four of the songs. The album is quite ecelctic ranging from the aforementioned pure Sunshine to psych pop to pop ballad to that punky blue-eyed psych soul garage reminiscent of the early Young Rascals a'la Come On Up. The stereo varied depending on the producer and unfortunately Hatcher must've been out to lunch as his 7 tracks are in what our pal Bob Felberg calls "scarey-o" with all the instruments on one side and the vocals on the other. We did as much magic as we could on the scarey-o tracks without going mono and we think it sounds darn good. Even Bob has given the thumbs up. In addition, we find it amusing that the lead singer of a band called The American Revolution affects a British accent on a number of the tracks but it isn't a drawback at all. This one is great. Condition of vinyl before transfer was VG++ and has been beautifully audio cleaned. To see the complete track listing and album credits click here.
Wild Wheels - Original Soundtrack Recording - Music Score by Harley Hatcher - As stated in the liner notes written by Carole Curb the album is eclectic in nature from the really quite excellent country of Don Epperson to the pop-rock of Terry Stafford. While those tracks are surprisingly good, what will attract visitors to this page are the balance of the tracks ranging from Sunshine folk all the way to pure Sunshine pop. Among our favorite Sunshine tracks are I Hear Music and Makin' Love by The Thirteenth Committe, A Thousand Butterflies by The Three of August, The Saturday Revue's Holiday Rider and Billie & Blue's I Can't Blame Myself. Yummy Sunshine! The VG+ to VG++ stereo LP has been beautifully audio cleaned with only a few telltale vinyl remainders at some of the fades - barely noticeable. To see the complete track listing click here.

The Gibsons - All of The Gibsons singles sides recorded in England between 1965 and 1968 prove them to be yet another super talented, underrated, versatile group who ought to have charted and certainly deserve to be rediscovered and remembered. The songs are great and include contributions from A-list writers like Tom Springfield, Joel Hirschhorn & Al Kasha, Greenaway & Cook and Cole Porter. The band also proves themselves as writers with a couple of songs to their writing credit. To see the complete track listing click here.
Vigrass & Osborne/Queues - As with the album by Rejoice (just below Heaven Bound), we wished more of the tracks were in the vein of some of the singles' sides like Forever Autumn, Men Of Learning and particularly the non-LP Mister Deadline, the outing is definitely not disappointing. Melodious and sensitive writing and of course the flawless singing, brilliant vocal arrangements and crisp, sparkling production make this a most satisfying sonic sensation. The better known later version of Forever Autumn by Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues is here in it's original and we might venture to say, more exquisite form. The VG+ stereo LP has been beautifully audio cleaned but admittedly, there are a few telltale vinyl remainders here and there in some of the very quiet spots. The bonus stereo single was VG++ and audio cleaned beautifully.

Rejoice! - Self Titled Album - While we wished that more of the tracks were more like the Sunshine Pop gem Golden Gate Park, we were not disappointed at all. The Steve Barri produced album also features the Soft-Psych-Folk classic, Gardens Of Chelsea. The rest of the album bridges all of the styles of hippie-dom from Psych to Sunshine to Blues all gracefully traversing the river of Folk. Melodically nothing misses the mark and the lyrics are well written, poetic and often deep but never cloyingly so. Oh - and the strings were arranged by the brilliant Jimmie Haskell. The VG++ Stereo LP has been beautifully audio cleaned.

The Pleasure Fair - Possibly the last production job by a pre-Bread David Gates is a wonderful Baroque/Psych tinged Sunshine Pop album from 1967 that includes future Bread member Robb Royer. Like most Sunshine Pop albums of the era there are varied styles that include a gorgeous cover of The Beatles The Things We Said Today. There are three other covers that are better than most including a charming version of the theme from Barefoot In The Park and a creatively inspired if only okay Neo-Vaudeville version of Come To The Sunshine. Still, some of the original songs are the stars here including both sides of the first single, Morning Glory Days and the psychy Fade In Fade Out. Both excellent sides of a non-LP single from 1968 are bonuses. (I'm Gonna Have To) Let You Go is a Carole King style ballad a'la No Easy Way Down and gives Michele Cochrane a fabulous solo in the spotlight. The flipside Today is another wonderful original in the vein of the Baroque/Psych album tracks like Nursery Rhyme. This is another essential for fans of Collage, Design, Euphoria, The New Society and The Status Symbol (scroll down for all of them). Condition of album before transfer was VG+ to VG++ and the bonus single was VG++ to NM. It all audio cleaned up beautifully. Album tracks are stereo and the bonuses are mono. To see the complete track listing click here.
The Sugar Bears - Presenting / Introducing The Sugar Bears - DO NOT JUDGE THE MUSIC BY ITS COVER! Looking at the album cover and knowing that The Sugar Bears were cheesey cartoon cereal trademarks would make one tend to expect a page out of Kazenetz-Katz sounding something akin to Simon Says or Chewy Chewy. Not that there's anything wrong with bubblegum but what one gets here is a deliciously produced Sunshine Pop experience that will make you SMILE from start to finish. It features excellent, melodic songwriting by Mike Settle, Baker Knight, Michael McGinnis, Mitch Murray. There are even a couple of delights written and apparently sung by a young, pre-rasp Kim Carnes who did the vocals for Honey Bear and took the lead on her enchanting songs Feather Balloon and It's A Good Day. We can't say enough about this good feeling album other than you've got to get on board to know what it means to ride The Happiness Train. Right On! To see complete track listing, click here. The VG++/NM Stereo LP has been beautifully audio cleaned. By the way, we called it Presenting / Introducing because the front / back of the original cover are at exactly those odds.

The New Society - The Barock Sound - With an abundance of thee's & thou's and titles boasting words like methinks and prithee - enough to choke Will Shakespeare - we were explainably skeptical but with only one listen, we were transformed into believers! This melodious late 1966 brainchild of Randy Sparks made up of auditioned singers and musicians is the perfect marriage of Sunshine-Psych-Pop-Folk-Rock taking the Baroque to what might have been an extreme that astonishingly works impeccably. The song styles are varied due to the contribution of several writers and that makes the festivities work even better. Crisp production with even a couple of tracks arranged by legend Jack Nitzsche, harmonious singing and great songwriting - it's all very compelling. Fans of Collage, Design, Euphoria and The Status Symbol (scroll down for all of them) will definitely want to add this one to their collections. Condition of vinyl before transfer was VG++ to NM. Album tracks are stereo and the bonus is mono. To see the complete track listing click here.
Dave Antrell - 1970 Amaret Album with two bonus tracks - The 'Doctor of Doo-Wop' released this little known Sunshine Pop/Singer Songwriter album in 1970 and a final single in 1972. The uptempos are swaths of pure Sunshine that evoke perhaps a bit of Good Morning Starshine Oliver while the sensitively written and performed ballads evoke the Jean side of Oliver or even a Tim Hollier-ish quality. It's just fantastic from the opening pure Sunshine track Straight From A Rainbow to the closer, the fuzz laden B-side of Dave's final single, Friends Give Me The Strength To Carry On. Ballads like Her World Of Sweet Petend and Karen will make tears well up in your eyes, if not make you weep. And the delicious Baroque Sunshine, Children Of The Sun (our current favorite) appears to be addressing the issue of child abuse long before the subject became high profile. Just fantastic start to finish. Condition of the LP was VG++/NM and the bonus single was NM. All thirteen stereo tracks have been beautifully audio cleaned.

The Lewis & Clarke Expedition - Colgems Album plus three bonus tracks - Another one we can't figure out a reason for it not having been reissued seeing as Lewis of Lewis & Clarke is actually music legend Michael Martin Murphy. This album is like so many of its day, an eclectic potpourri of styles all painted with the same sonic palette throughout. From the Sunshine Pop of Windy Day and novelty early Youngbloods-ish Spirit Of Argyle High to the dreamy psychedelia opus House Of My Sorrow, the Garage-y Neo-Vaudeville of Everybody Loves A Fire and deeper message songs like Freedom Bird and the Memorial to the American Indian which includes a version of Indian's just a well rounded and satisfying Sunshine Psych Pop album from start to finish. Condition of vinyl before transfer was VG++ to NM and all beautifully audio cleaned. The album tracks are Stereo and the 3 bonuses are Mono. To see the full track listing and original liner notes by Lester Sill, click here.
The Hombres - Let It Out - Yet another one we can't figure out a reason for it not having been reissued. This CD features the entire stereo album along with the non-LP B-side of Let It Out, four additional Verve Forecast sides and two sides released in 1969 on Sun. How can we describe it? Kinda funky, kinda charming, kinda silly. Well played and almost always, fun. Their roots are in Buddy Holly, surf and hot rod and evolve into a garage style potpourri of those roots. There is a more than respectable, near epic version of Gloria. Their semi dreary rendition of The Everly's So Sad was not one of our faves though. Originals in the styles we mentioned above: Little 2 + 2, Hey Little Girl, Mau Mau Mau and non-LP B-side Go Girl Go...these seem to be the stand-outs for us. And of course possibly one of the first stoner pop hits, Let It Out! Condition of vinyl before transfer was VG++ to NM and all beautifully audio cleaned. The album tracks are Stereo and the 6 bonus tracks are Mono. To see the full track listing, click here.
The Hubbels - The who? I had no clue and still have very few. All I know is this is a sensational Sunshine infused Psych-Folk masterpiece. I heard the unknown classic The Hippy Dippy Funky Monkey Double Bubble Sitar Man from a collection a friend of mine played for us and immediately investigated. I found a beautiful copy of the album thinking perhaps there would be some liner notes to tell us something about this duo but all I found out was that all the songs were written by Robert Hubbel. And ingeniously and creatively written both lyrically and musically. The singing is also brilliant. Both Hubbels double tracked their beautiful, well matched voices giving them a full, rich sound. The production is evocative of Jefferson Airplane's crisp, sparkly acoustic Embryonic Journey. Several of the tracks have a bluesy bent but didn't trigger my blues allergy at just all works from the Sunshiney opening tracks to the closing psychedelic exclamation point made by The Hippy Dippy Funky Monkey Double Bubble Sitar Man. Condition of vinyl was VG++/NM. The stereo album has been audio cleaned.
Euphoria - 1969 Heritage Album - Here is another minor masterpiece that fell through the cracks. From the way the music makes you feel the band is aptly named and is another group that falls into the post Mamas and Papas category. However, like The Split Level, Collage and The Status Cymbal (see below for all three), the writing, production and singing are their own thing making it unique and about as far from being copy cat as can be. Key here is the exemplary production value. Classy and lush. No clunkers either! All of the songs are winners and this is a gem from start to finish so it's silly to single out any particular tunes. Fantastic. Condition of the vinyl was VG++ to NM. Eleven stereo tracks beautifully audio cleaned.
The Status Cymbal - In The Morning - Another melody-filled Sunshine Folk Pop album of merit is now available from Sort Of. All songs were penned by trio member Tom Porter (except one with co-writer McBride) and while his writing is deft and often exemplary the album may have been elevated to minor masterpiece if it had been infused with a couple songs from outside sources. Mind you, it is still a fantastic, melodious album, beautifully sung and a brilliant representation of Sunshine Folk Pop that had been revolutionized by The Mamas & Papas just a year before. Among my favorites are the opener Kinks/Peter & Gordon-esque Mr. Thompson, sitar infused neo Vaudeville Having Fun Again ("Skipping through the scenery, admiring the greenery..."), Monkees-esque Lovin' Day, the Beatles meets Mary Hopkinesque The Rain And Me and the lilting, nearly impossibly beautiful bonus track From My Swing, a treasure that will make Sunshine hearts weep. And by the way, the album was produced by Felton Jarvis who produced Elvis Presley, John Hartford and our very own Lonesome Rhodes, among others. The VG++/NM vinyl has been audio cleaned. The 12 album tracks are Stereo and the 2 bonuses are Mono.
Orange Colored Sky - 1968 UNI Album plus 3 Bonus Tracks - After the first listen I wasn't sure but after a few more listens I was absolutely convinced. This album is an eclectic and utterly infectious treat. It treads to and from Sunshine, Psych and Pop with effortless ease that is probably the result of writer/arranger/organist Walter Slivinski's versatilitiy as a songwriter. Also of note is that there are three lead vocalists. Tony Barry, bassist Jack Skinner and Larry Younger (who sounds like an odd cross between Dennis Yost and Ronnie Spector) seem to have no ego problems alternating in the spotlight. In fact, on one of the bonus tracks, Another Sky, it sounds like all three are switching off on different parts which is heaven to my arrangement sensitive ears. I said eclectic. Here's how: There is exemplary Sunshine Pop in, among others, The Sun And I, Knowing How I Love You and Mr. Peacock. The band proves it can go down and dirty into Psych-ville with Just Like Humpty Dumpty and Don't Do As I Do (which should have been called Hypocrite). There's a lovely easy, breezy Pop ballad, The Shadow Of Summer and a big drama ballad Everyday I Love You More that sounds like a page out of Dusty Springfield or Scott Walker's songbook. L.A. has a jazzy Sunshine vibe and there's even a rinky tink quasi neo vaudeville song, I'm Taking Her To Dinner. Above and beyond all of this, there is something ultra endearing about a band that has so much faith in itself that they have self references in four of their case you didn't know, Happiness is Orange Colored Sky! Condition of the vinyl was VG++ to NM. The album tracks are stereo and the bonus singles are mono. All have been beautifully audio cleaned.
The Will-O-Bees Greatest Hits - The who's what? We couldn't resist calling this The Will-O-Bees Greatest Hits because frankly (in our opinion) at least 10 of the 12 sides the group recorded between 1966 and 1969 were definitely chart-worthy, if not hit-worthy. Indeed, they only had one chart record which could barely be called a hit since it peaked at #95, and the loss was ours. In addition to their 'hit', It's Not Easy, the group recorded versions of four other terrific Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil songs including two excellent versions of Mama Cass songs (that may have come first). The group was in the mold of Peter, Paul & Mary only somewhat, shall we diplomatically say, hipper? That put them closer in category to The Mamas & Papas and that similarity is evoked in the production of a few of the tracks. One track, If You're Ready is pure Garage. Another track, Looking Glass is horn driven Sunshine Psych so if you think you'll be getting all folk, guess again. Average condition of vinyl was VG+. All tracks are mono and audio cleaned. To see the complete track listing and liner notes, click here.

Sort of Proudly Presents The Cuff Links
Tracy / The Cuff Links, The Cuff Links and The Cuff Links - Tracy and Beyond!!!

The Cuff Links - Tracy - The import is now available at low prices so we are no longer offering it.
The Cuff Links - The 2nd album, like the 1st, a Vance - Pockriss Sunshine Pop creation features their exemplary final chart entry, Run Sally Run. Indeed, all but one track, once again, many named for girls - in our opinion - are terrific, including a near respectable rendition of Love Grows. So terrific are the rest, they would have made great Archies tracks. Even though Archies and 1st album Cuff Links lead vocalist, Ron Dante declined his services for this one, he is more than ably replaced by a young Rupert Holmes who also contributed his talents as an arranger on 7 of the tracks. As far as we can tell, Rupert sang all but one of the songs on the album and also sang the two bonus tracks from a 1971 single. The only clunker on the album, The Kiss (not sung by Rupert), is filled with enough 'baby, baby, babys' to make even Aretha Franklin cringe. Condition of vinyl was near mint. Album tracks are stereo, bonus tracks are mono.
The Cuff Links - Tracy and Beyond - For our own listening pleasure we put together a CD featuring all but two of the tracks from both Cuff Links albums as well as the two bonus single tracks. We left off the two tracks we found rather unfit to be included. From the first album we left off the mediocre version of Sweet Caroline which was not sung by Ron Dante and we left off the clunker from album #2, The Kiss. If you want ALL the tracks, you can get the individual albums but if you can trust us, this is the one. Vinyl condition is stated in the above descriptions. 22 tracks. For complete listing and credits, click here.

Chris and Peter Allen - Chris and Peter Allen's Album #1 - Before he honestly loved us and went to Rio in the 70's Peter Allen along with partner Chris Allen (real name Chris Bell) recorded as The Allen Brothers and then as Chris and Peter Allen. Their 1968 album on Mercury is here on CD for the first time. The album includes terrific sunshine pop originals like the Kasha - Hirschhorn penned 10 Below, the marvelous Chris Montez-esque Just Friends along with sunshiney covers of a variety of material like the then current Next Plane To London and a zesty rendition of A Man And A Woman. Of interest are two somewhat out there medleys. The first un-aptly called Medley #2 is a psychedelic sunshine combo of (friends of Judy, take note) We're Off To See The Wizard and Puff (no pun intended) The Magic Dragon. It's entrancingly enchanting - a slice of teeney bopper fag heaven on acid a'la 1968. The second un-aptly titled is Medley #1 which is the rain medley. Actually this would've been a terrific Nino and April-esque (or Nino and Nino if you will) version of Come Rain Or Come Shine but for some odd reason they seem to have almost belatedly decided to slap The Rain, The Park and Other Things into the middle...complete with a different time signature. Even though it doesn't make much sense other than the rain theme, we don't love it any less. For bonus tracks we've included two sides of a single from 1966. Condition of vinyl before transfer was VG++ for the stereo album and mono single sides as well. Beautifully audio cleaned. To see complete track listings and the original liner notes by Johnny Carson, click here.
The Hobbits - A Collection - Here are the first two of The Hobbits exemplary Psychedelic Sunshine albums, Down To Middle Earth and Men And Doors The Hobbits Communicate, on one CD plus one Hobbits and four solo Jimmy Curtiss bonus tracks. There is little more to say lest this brief description turn into an epic extolling the brilliance (for the most part) of these sadly uncelebrated albums. Both albums were VG++ stereo. Four of the five bonus tracks were VG++ mono and the fifth VG++ stereo. All beautifully audio cleaned. To see the track listing and production credits, click here.

The Hardy Boys - Both - Here are both albums by the REAL band that played the music behind the animated TV series The Hardy Boys that aired from 1969 to 1971. Do not fear, this isn't bubblegum (not that bubblegum is something to fear) - but this is too sophisticated. Though tracks like Namby Pamby on the first album, Here Come The Hardy Boys may seem to easily fall into the bubblegum category, as a whole this is essentially sunshine pop. The sound becomes a bit more rock and rolly on the second album, Wheels but everything qualifies delightfully as sunshine especially through some exquisite tracks like Where Would I Be and I Hear The Grass Singin', the latter co-written by pop goddess Ellie Greenwich. Condition of vinyl before transfer is as follows: Here Come The Hardy Boys NM; Wheels VG+. Beautifully audio cleaned. Both albums are stereo. To see complete track listings, click here.
The Lonesome Rhodes - Sandy & Donna - Country Sunshine! The original 1967 album by Sandy & Donna is pop and folk flavored country and vice versa. Several of the bonus tracks tend more toward just plain Sunshine folk/pop. The album opens with a cover of Tom Paxton's The Last Thing On My Mind followed by a cover of the folk standard I Can't Grow Peaches On A Cherry Tree and while they are great renditions, it's up hill from there. It's almost as though as though the powers that be didn't trust that Sandy's original material was strong enough to open the record. Sandra Rhodes wrote all but two of the rest of the songs on the disc and her writing is strong, sensitive and, well, incredible. She went on to be a very successful songwriter and wrote Conway Twitty's Country #1 The Clown in the 70's. But we are going all tangential...there are two additional covers, one being an odd yet perfect choice, Boyce and Hart's I Wanna Be Free. The final cover is a beautiful version of Blowin' In The Wind. Let's talk about some of Sandy's songs now. They are in varied styles. Songs like Fully Prepared and Make Like The Wind are set firmly in in country (the girls hailed from Memphis) while Love Is is pure coffee house girl folk. Your Overpowerin' Love is rock tinged folk/pop. Bonus tracks The Day Love Comes and The Delight Of My Day are firmly entrenched in Sunshine. Sandra's writing has depth, intelligence and is above all, melodic. While the production is gentler, the girls' singing and harmonies may bring to mind 2 of Clubs. All of the festivities were produced by Felton Jarvis and Chet Atkins. Condition of vinyl before transfer, LP VG++ and the singles ranged from VG+ to Near Mint. All 17 tracks have been beautifully audio cleaned.

Phluph - PSYCHED OUT TO THE MAX! - There is little we can say about Phluph's amazing eponymous 1967 album, other than to cite a review that calls it "a minor psychedelic gem" (to read the full, insightful and highly accurate review by melodylaughter, click here. We will parrot the sentiments of melodylaughter when he calls the keyboardist a genius to which we add he is a virtuoso. Indeed the musicianship of the whole band is a cut WAY above many of their peers. Another Day is an opus masterfully completed in under 5 minutes (the single version retains the 'opus' quality and clocks in at under 3). If there is a sort of dorkiness about the album, it is assuaged by the musicianship and the tightness of the songwriting. If one's hokey alarm is sounded by the song Doctor Mind, need we remind you that if in hands other than Brian Wilson's, Good Vibrations would have been the essence of corn pone? We've included the mono/edited single versions of Doctor Mind and Another Day as bonus tracks. Audio cleaned. Condition of vinyl before transfer was VG++. The album is stereo and the singles are mono.
The Split Level - Divided We Stand - One wonders why this band came and went with nary a whisper. Perhaps they were too exquisite - and fun - and intelligent - to get anyone's attention. Sort of like Pentangle meets Peter, Paul & Mary cum Mamas and Papas - with sparkles of humor in just the right places...anyone have a better analogy? The group sort of follows the natural evolution from Greenwich Village coffee house folk into the realm of Baroque Sunshine. Confused yet? Anyway, the songs are amazing and eclectic in styles from folk to soft rock, some peppered with Gregorian-esque and raga flavors. Yet despite the array of flavors, they all sound like they belong together. The driving, hook laden pop songs include Hangin' Out, Right Track and You Can't Go, certainly worthy of top 40-dom circa 1969. In fact, all of the songs are hook laden. The scathing anti-war Speculator, the serio-comic editorial on the state of pop music, Equipment and the eerily etherial and way ahead of its time Looking At The Rose Through World Colored Glasses vibes out as almost pre-Thompson Twins. The songs are all original except Margo Guryan's stunning Think Of Rain. The group sings beautifully together with a high production value. The original 13 song Near Mint LP is stereo and we've audio cleaned it. PS: We found that the flip-sides of two of their singles were non-LP B-sides but didn't include them here. They are excellent songs but the production was very different from this album and we didn't want to 'taint' the experience of the album just to have a couple bonuses. Those B-sides are available on two of the Sunshine Collections, Undiscovered Sunshine and Delayed Sunshine.

Queen Anne's Lace - The original soft Sunshine Pop album released in 1969 on Coral Records with two bonus tracks gleaned from their additional single on Mona-Lee Records. The album contains the obligatory Beatles, Bacharach - David & Paul Simon versions which, while marvelous, are not the gems of this package. In the liner notes Anne Phillips name is touted again and again as a talented writer, arranger, producer yet there are only very few of her co-compositions on the album and they are far and above the star attractions. There are also two songs written by someone named Peter Cofield that sent up our 'hokey alert' signals and have not aged well in space that would have been better occupied by more of Ms. Phillips songs. Still, all-in-all an extremely satisfying Sunshine Pop experience that we are proud to present. To see complete track listing and liner notes, click here. Condition of vinyl before transfer: Album: NM-; Single: VG+. Album tracks are stereo, bonus tracks are mono.

The Sugar Shoppe - AT LAST!!! The Sugar Shoppe's original Capital LP on CD along with two bonus tracks from their Epic single of Laura Nyro's Save The Country b/w Easy To Be Hard (from Hair). This group was among the best of the Mamas and Papas/5th Dimension inspired boy/girl vocal groups of the era. The album is excellent with songs written by Donovan, Tony Hatch & Jackie Trent and Bobbie Gentry with several exemplary songs written by the group's mastermind Peter Mann with a couple co-written by group members Laurie Hood and Victor Garber (who went on to Broadway and Hollywood success). Exquisitely audio cleaned. Album tracks are stereo, single bonuses are mono.

Tim Hollier - Message To A Harlequin - Tim Hollier's 1969 solo debut is a stunning example of Sunshine infused power folk Baroque/Singer Songwriter ...or something. Shades of Moody Blues, Balladeering Bee Gees and Peter Sarstedt (whom he had played for). Whatever you want to call it, it's gorgeous. Though seven of the tracks are now available on a Tim Hollier anthology, here you can have the entire stereo album intact. Condition of vinyl before transfer was Near Mint.

Peggy Lipton - Not only was she a gorgeous, sultry flower child but she could act! And not only could she act, but she could sing - really. Yes, and she could also write and well hold a candle to her idols Laura Nyro and Carole King (who she tributized here a couple of years before Carole released her Tapestry album with her own version of Natural Woman). So Peggy Lipton was visionary as well! This is her debut album from late 1968 with two bonus tracks that were singles in 1970. We're so excited about this disc that we can't help turning this description into a mini review. As mentioned previously, this album tributizes her idols Laura Nyro and Carole King. All of the non-original songs were written by Laura or Carole (with either Goffin or Stern). The choices are exemplary. She chose Stoney End two years before Streisand took it to the top ten. She also chose two other great yet rarely covered Nyro songs, Flim Flam Man and Lu. For her Carole King songs (aside from her excellent version of the well worn Natural Woman) Peggy scores big points not only for choosing It Might As Well Rain Until September but for the lustrous ballad interpretation... possibly producer Lou Adler's idea. Another wonderful and obscure Carole King song is Lady Of The Lake. And Peggy's own compositions exemplified by Let Me Pass By and San Francisco Glide show her to have an evocative lyrical and melodic inspiration to rival her idols. Peggy's voice is lilting and soulful and her writing has the quiet depth she exuded on screen. No wonder she and Quincy matched up. To see the full track listing, click here. The album was Near Mint as was one of the singles. The final single was VG+. Beautifully audio cleaned.

Punch - We don't know much about this fabulous foursome except their first names...and we don't even know which name belongs to who! It seems this group was poised for some big time success with a first album released on A&M in 1971 followed by a label change to Bell in '72. The best they did was bubble under the hot 100 with one of the lesser tunes on the album. But let's not talk about the lesser. Let's talk about the more-er. The album opens with a scintillating rendition of Paul Simon's Why Don't You Write Me that absolutely foretells the coming of ABBA. They also do a gorgeous cover of Lennon & McCartney's Blackbird. And not to be biased, they come across with a rockin' version of George Harrison's While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Among the remaining original songs there are a couple more covers including a scrumptous, sumptuous rendition of Lesley Duncan's Love Song which on its own merit, makes this album a veritible must. The last song on the album is a another pre-ABBA-esque song, a rousing anthem called Open Highway. But WAIT! There's more! We included a bonus track from 1972, the beautiful Barry Mann penned I Heard You Singing Your Song which was done by the Partridge Family in one of their episodes. All produced by Bones Howe. Audio cleaned STEREO. Condition of vinyl before transfer: Album: VG; Single: NM.
Lally Stott - Chirpy Chirpy, Cheep Cheep - Lally who? Well, one day we were moved to see who did the original version of Chirpy Chirpy, Cheep Cheep. Was it Mac and Katie Kissoon or Middle of the Road? Neither! It was Lally Stott. Yes, THE Lally Stott. This prompted us to pick up the single which was so terrific we sought out the LP. Here is the full 1971 album - an enchanting, at times odd and always unique, sunny pop gem that few seem to know or care about. The cheerful and peculiar vibe of Chirpy Chirpy, Cheep Cheep finds it's way into several other tracks. Other tracks almost evoke John or Julian Lennon at their most introspective and some tracks will evoke a sense of Marmalade or Sweet...and on & on. We've included the rockin' non-LP B side of the single for good measure. Condition of vinyl before transfer: LP was VG+ stereo and the bonus single was VG++ mono.


The Pastors - Lettermen & Osmonds fans rejoice! Here come the Pastors. While the Pastor brothers 1973 album straddles the fence between Sunshine Pop, Easy Listening and White Bread R&B; Sunshine, Schmaltz and vocal harmony fans can meet at the gate. The album opens with a gorgeous, lilting version of the Sunshine staple She Let's Her Hair Down (Early In The Morning) which had chart versions by The Tokens, Gene Pitney and Don Young as well as an album cut by The Cuff Links (numerous other covers surely abound). Several of the songs are white R&B rousers like Hey, Did You Give Some Love Today or mid-tempos like the Lambert - Potter penned Rose By Any Other Name, that fall firmly into Osmonds territory. There is a five plus minute Lettermen-esque opus medley of America's I Need You, The Moody Blues' Isn't Life Strange and Nilsson's Without You that is brilliant in conception and execution. Other excellent covers include the Paul Williams - Roger Nichols penned Monkees charter Someday Man and a la-la packed Cat Stevens cover of Wild World. On the bonus track, the boys give away their Vegas affiliation sounding like male Andrews Sisters (or three male Bette Midlers) on the bodacious swing cover of Louis Prima's Robin Hood - fantastic. Our favorite is Solitude which is like a luscious love letter to being alone and savoring it. To see the complete track listing and liner notes, click here. Condition of all vinyl before transfer was VG++ to NM and beautifully audio cleaned.
Lotti Golden - Motor-Cycle - Bob Crewe produced this abstract cutting edge drugged-out blue-eyed soul jam jazz pop blues rock ahead-of-its-time album by singer songwriter Lotti Golden released in 1969. Somewhat revolutioary for its time, two of the seven tracks clock in at over 8 minutes, one at over seven and the remaining four tracks are all over 5 minutes. Though Nyro-philes may want to crucify us, the last song, "You Can Find Him" out Nyro's Nyro...down to the gospel soul girl group a'la the Bluebelles in the background - certainly a testament to the great influence Laura Nyro's writing and style had on the time. And Joplin fans may also want to seek vengeance when we say they may want to hear how it's done without all that raspy screaming. Condition of vinyl before transfer - Excellent - NM. Noise reduced.

2 of Clubs - 9 X 2 of Clubs - In Cincinnati in 1966 & 67 two girls, Linda Parrish and Patti Valentine recorded a grand total of 9 terrific tracks and at last, they're together on one disc for the first time. Their first single is a classic cover of Heart, the one & only garage track recorded by Petula Clark. Not only is it a cover of a Petula Clark song, it was co-written by the one & only Pet herself. Many think 2 of Clubs' version outshines Pet's outstanding rendition. The flip-side, My First Heart Break is another outstanding track co-written by Linda who wrote or co-wrote all of their wonderful flip-sides. Among the tracks is the chart single Walk Tall (Billboard #92) written by Paul Vance and Lee Pockriss, which was performed by Sandra Dee in the 1967 film "Doctor, You've Got To Be Kidding". Other tracks include Let Me Walk With You written by Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil and an uncommon version of the Barry - Greenwich - Spector classic River Deep - Mountain High. 2 of Clubs land somewhere between Post Coffee House Girl Folk and Garage, Psych and Sunshine Pop/Rock making theirs a sound unique to them. Condition of vinyl before transfer was Mint to VG+. Beautifully audio cleaned. Mono.

Sally Field - Star of The Flying Nun - YIPES!! - Okay, so you were wondering when this was going to come out on CD. We were getting tired of holding our breath so here it is as a vinyl transfer. The liner notes by then editor of 16 Magazine declared that Sally's singing career was off to a flying start. Thud. As a vocalist, Sally lands somewhere between Nancy Sinatra and Patty Duke - if a bit more melodious than either - but nevermind - just one listen will have hypoglycemics on a sugar high for over a week. Supported by the Bob Mitchell (Children's) Choir, Sally delivers the 13 original and 4 bonus ultra-sunshiney inspirational and Christian songs the only way you would want to hear them. This is perfect for parents longing to instill something of worth into their kids before rap ensnares them into the devil's army. It's also a must for bubblegumsters and sunshinesters. Two of the bonus tracks are with fellow sisters Madeleine Sherwood & Marge Redmond! LP tracks are STEREO - sorry, the bonuses are mono. Condition of vinyl before transfer was Near Mint. Beautifully audio cleaned.

Smith - Minus-Plus - The group called Smith's second and as yet unavailable album also includes the fab bonus track of female lead singer Gayle McCormick's solo rendition of "You've Really Got A Hold On Me". Here is yet another great example of a wailing female rock/blues vocalist who did it without all that raspy Joplinesque screaming (see Lottie Golden above). Though the male leads are great, one wonders why Gayle was not singing lead on all the album tracks as she was responsible for their hit. Beautifully co-produced by Joel Sill & Steve Barri, one of the male lead vocalists sounds almost exactly like Stephen Stills and the instrumentation and production of those tracks sound like they could have come from Stephen's first two solo albums. Other male lead tracks are reminiscent of Three Dog Night. Condition of vinyl before transfer was NM-. Beautifully audio cleaned. All tracks are stereo.
Sun - Inquire Within - A REAL CD! Our graphic artist is also a singer and songwriter and if you're into stuff like The Golden Lost consider this The Golden Found. This CD was released on Air Mail Recordings in Japan under the title of one of the songs, "It's A Smiley Face World" which received a coveted John Lennon Songwriting Contest award. Brilliantly produced by Daniel Wise (James Taylor, Marie Frank, Joan Osborne and dozens more). The vibe is 60's. All orders come with a bonus track, Sun's delicious cover of The Beatles' "I'm Happy Just To Dance With You" recorded for Bullseye Records' Beatles tribute. $15.00 includes shipping USPS in continental USA. Also available as digital downloads at CD Baby (no bonus track), click here.

A reminder: Except where noted these CD-R's were recorded from vinyl and have NOT been remastered from original tapes. The recordings that have been audio cleaned or have had a degree of digital noise reduction are noted in the description. Prices are subject to change. For more information: contact us and please put the title you're interested in in the subject bar.

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