Sunshine Pop and Psych Pop & Rock from the 60's & Early 70's

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We've separated our largest selection into two categories
The Sunshine Collections are compilations of Sunshine Pop and Psych Pop by various artists. The bulk of the selections on these collections were available only on 45's but we do include tracks from many of the albums in our catalog. We also feature some tracks from albums we felt just weren't up to our snuff to include as a whole but have a track or two that were definitely fit to present with the creme de la creme.
The Sunshine Albums are reproductions of entire albums by specific artists like the ones pictured just below. We've sought out and included non-LP bonus single tracks whenever possible and we've also compiled one or two collections by artists whose entire output was 45's - enough to make an album - or a long EP, like our 9 by 2 of Clubs and The Will-O-Bees Greatest Hits.
Examples of Sunshine Collections - Click here for more!
Examples of Sunshine Albums - Click here for more!
The Grand Daddy of our Sunshine Collections:
The Golden Lost
This Year's Winner: Of The Sunshine, By The Sunshine, For The Sunshine

One of our Latest Sunshines with lots of Love:
Love Is Sunshine - Sunshine Is Love

A Glorious 1969 Sunshine Production:

Artistic? Esoteric? Just plain Fantastic!
The Barock Sound of
The New Society

Essential for Sunshine Popsters of all ages:
Heaven Bound

To see full selections in each category, click the links. To see full package designs, click on the images.

A reminder: Except where noted these CD-R's were recorded from vinyl and have NOT been remastered from original tapes. Most recordings have been expertly audio cleaned or have had a degree of digital noise reduction which is noted in each description. Prices are subject to change. If "My Vinyl Transfers" looks like a catalog, it is part of my graphic design portfolio as an example of catalog layout design. For more information: contact us and please put " Sort Of" or the titles you're interested in in the subject bar.
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