Princesses, Bombshells & Fag Hags

Female Vocal & Girl Group from the 50's & 60's
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The Angels Get To Heaven With Halos - It was just a few years ago that we discovered there were six RCA singles recorded by The Angels in '67 & '68 so we collected them up and made The Angels Get To Heaven. One of the singles features a delicious Sunshiney cover of Bacharach & David's standard You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart) so what could be a better album title than The Angels Get To Heaven? On the flip side of that single is one of our favorites, a melodious, Sunshiney romp called Go Out And Play. The album has everything from schamltzy ballads that are reminiscent of earlier successes like 'Til, to Sunshine Pop and Motown-esque, soulful girl group to easy breezy Samba and each one is a gem. There's a brilliant, perky love tune called What To Do that was written by the brilliant Margo - Margo - Medress - Siegel better known as the Tokens. There's also two Neil Diamond songs, Merry-Go-Round that Neil did on his Sunday Sun album and the snappy The Boy With The Green Eyes. The sumptuous version of Cashman, Pistilli & West's much covered 'under radar' 60's standard But For Love will enchant you. The soul songs were contributed by Trade Martin and one may wonder, "The Angels?...SOUL?" Trust us - they are fantastic. They reminded us of The Supremes with Jean Terrell. The festivities are rounded out by So Nice (Samba De Verao), the Brazilian classic and the perfect punctuation mark on which to end...see if you agree.
UPDATED!!! - We've been collecting the 1965-66 singles by The Halos on Congress and finally managed to acquire the last one recently. They wanted to use the name The Angels but from what we understand, their previous label wouldn't let them so they released these records under the name The Halos which feature Toni Mason on lead. If you think the soulful RCA singles are soulful, just wait until you hear Toni's soulful singing. Wow. We weren't sure we should include the 1964 Peggy Sans single (Peggy Santiglia, lead singer of My Boyfriend's Back and more) but with the help of friend Robert Sanchez, we decided 'the more the merrier' so it's also included. We also included Toni Mason's 1967 single and virtually everything is in chronological order. Condition of vinyl before transfer was VG+ to NM. Beautifully audio cleaned. For complete track listing, click here.
The Very Best Of The Sherry Sisters - This is a collection of as many Sherry Sisters singles we could gather together and Girl Group fans will be ecstatic! The festivities open with the girls' somewhat famous first single, Stay Away From Bobby, famous because it seems answer records have a natural ability to rise above radar whether they were hits or not. We can't imagine why this one didn't at least chart, it's Girl Group at it's best! The flipside Dancing With Tears In My Eyes, was a cover of a 1930 song that was a top ten hit that year for four different artists! The international hit (it seems everywhere but the girls' native USA) Sailor Boy follows. The songs are arranged chronologically and include a 1965 German language single, Tu' Das Nie (Pity, Please) and Wenn Wir Heut' Nacht Nach Hause Geh'n (Let's Take The Long Way Home). We've updated the disc with two sides of a newly acquired, very rare and fabulous Italian recording from 1968, Parapapapapa (Army Bound) and Vedrai (Go On). Also on the collection is the Japanese language version of I've Got A Whole Lot Of Music In My Soul. The girls could not only sing beautifully but they were excellent writers and wrote all of the songs except the first three. To see the complete track listing, click here. Condition of the vinyl before transfer ranged from VG+ to Near Mint. All 16 tracks have been beautifully audio cleaned.

Julie Budd - Child Of Plenty - While Julie has had quite an amazing career and made numerous excellent recordings, this first one is still our favorite. It's the material. It opens with Resnick & Levine's compelling All's Quiet On West 23rd. When this single came out it was as edgy as Janis Ian's Society's Child the year before but unfortunately was not quite as well received. While it remains ambiguous, the girl in the song has been killed and we suspect she is the victim of a rape/murder, not just a mugging. Even though the subject is dark, the song isn't maudlin or morose and doesn't bring you down. Most of the rest of the album is original material that ranges from loungey cabaret pop like New Hope and Whistle A Tune to the pure and delicious Sunshine Pop of Yesterday's Sunshine and Follow Your Dream. Julie seems to go against type, takes the dare and successfully covers two pop/rock songs of the time, Los Bravos' Black Is Black and The Doors' People Are Strange - terrific. All perfectly arranged and produced by Herb Bernstein. The VG++ to NM album has been beautifully audio cleaned. For complete track listing and original liner notes, click here.

Susan Rafey - Hurt So Bad...and then some - Here we have Susan Rafey's Verve album along with the Verve non-LP singles. In addition we have three earlier singles on Kapp and Jubilee. While we can't absolutely rave about the album, in our humble opinion we can say that when Susan is singing the material she should be singing, she is beyond exemplary. These are the tunes that lay on the border between Girl Group and Girl Pop. The best examples are Bring Back The Love You Gave Me, I Can't Say, The Edge Of Heaven and the spiffy rendition of The Big Hurt. The splashier standard type material like Hurt So Bad, The Way Of Love, and What Now My Love, for us, just doesn't take advantage of Susan's strong suit. Meanwhile, we can contradict ourselves and say her rendition of the standard, Wonderful, Wonderful certainly makes the grade as does the schmaltzy That Wonderful Feeling Of Love. Among the bonus singles our favorite is the It's My Party-esque Just Another Pretty Face which will sate numerous Girl Group fans. UPDATE: We managed to acquire a reasonably priced VG++ to Near Mint copy of the stereo album so now all of the LP tracks are in glorious stereo - produced beautifully and sounds fabulous! To see a complete track listing and liner notes, click here. Condition of the vinyl before transfer ranged from VG+ to Near Mint. All 22 tracks have been beautifully audio cleaned.

Our New Princess Collection - Dinosaurettes From the 60's!

The Princess That Time Forgot - Various Artists - Some dinosaurs are better remembered than most of the songs on this amazing collection of Girl Group and Girl Pop/Rock recordings from '61 - '69. It begins firmly on soul Girl Group turf and segues beautifully into mid-60's Motown vibed terrain. The graceful segues don't stop there as we take you to mid-60's girl folk and rock courtesy of girls such as The Jet Set, Harley McNair and a wonderful as yet unreissued Jackie DeShannon song. From here it's on to the torch songs, the centerpiece of which is Janie Grant's exquisite I Shouldn't Care (If You're Using Me). The song almost rebuffs the independence expressed in Lesley Gore's pre-feminist You Don't Own Me by practically crying out, "you DO own me and I'm glad." But our girl eventually escapes from the shackles by way of brilliant stands of integrity from Michelle Scotti and Susan Smith after which we are landed back in the Girl Group zone for the duration. This one is awesome. To see the complete playlist click here. Condition of vinyl before transfer: VG+ to NM.

The Tracey Twins - Flip Flop - The Spunky? The Perky? The Adorable? Well, we couldn't come up with the exact perfect adjective for the title of this collection as we did with others in our catalog (see below) so we simply named it after their first and one of their best songs, Flip Flip. Not that pretty much all of these recording aren't pretty terrific! The girls not only had spunk, perkiness and were certainly adorable but they sure could sing! Diverse recordings from early Rock 'n' Roll and Rockabilly to lovely ballads. This collection contains all of the twins' known recordings including a pre-Patience & Prudence Tonight You Belong To Me. If you like the early rock girls, you'll love the Tracey Twins! To see a complete track listing, click here. Condition of the vinyl before transfer ranged from VG+ to Near Mint. All 16 tracks have been beautifully audio cleaned.

The Perspicuous Bobbi Staff - Perspicuous you ask? Yes! Look it up and you'll understand completely - at least after you've heard Bobbi's singing. Her crystal clear, bell toned voice will make a believer out of you. The collection is all of Bobbi's known recordings. Tracks one & two from 1963 were on Showcase Records and the rest, produced by Chet Atkins on RCA. Bobbi's material straddles genres from Country to Pop with a couple of tracks firmly planted in pure Girl Group. Some of the tracks have the Connie Francis vibe with Where The Red Roses Grow taking its stylistic cue from songs like Everybody's Somebody's Fool and My Heart Has A Mind Of It's Own and the Mel Tillis penned Have Mercy (Mr. Lonely) wailing in the vein of Mama. I Didn't Cry Today is as sweetly sung as it would have been by its writer, Skeeter Davis and can hold a candle to the best of Girl Group records. There is a John D. Loudermilk song, He Can Be Your Baby that will be a great addition for collectors of death discs with the singer willing to share her husband with her mother-in-law only to have the woman in a surprise ending, drop dead seemingly unwilling to share her son at all. The CD of course features Bobbi's minor 1966 Country hit, Chicken Feed (#31) and the festivities also include a song written by Geld & Udell and one by the ultra-talented Sandra Rhodes. Condition of vinyl before transfer was VG+ to NM. Beautifully audio cleaned. For complete track listing, click here. View a wonderful clip of Bobbi on Youtube - click here.

Twin Princess Collections - They are a WOW!!!!

The Princess Vanishes - Various Artists - Girl spirits who have all but vanished into a secret past behind a hidden door. We've opened that door and released the spirited musical treasures of these early rock girls with tracks dating mostly from the late 50's and early 60's with a two throwbacks released in '64 and '66. At least 25 of the superfluitous 36 tracks are by sister acts and we suspect The Pinafores and Judy & Jo may be sister acts as well...and The Starlets boast sisters among their members (Jiggs and Barbara Allbut of The Angels). Most of these are uptempo tracks that fall into the early rock 'n' roll mode and will keep you twisting till your feet are sore. Probably the best comparison would be to the perky hits of Connie and Brenda like Stupid Cupid and Sweet Nothin's. Some will probably make you laugh out loud - they're just that jubilant. For instance, how could you refrain from cracking a big grin as the Cummings Sisters sing, "When I see him coming down the block, In his white suit, Oooh he's cute...Ice Cream Man yummy yummy yummy...." Or just try to imagine what Bob Merrill and The Burton Sisters were on when they wrote Doin' The French Can-Can - that song should have been animated by Disney, it's one acid trip Timothy Leary sure missed out on. Among the other fun girls on the disc are Mary Small, a pre-MGM track by Ginny Arnell (written by Goffin & King), Andrea Carroll, Arlene Fontana, The Dooley Sisters, The Kendall Sisters, The DeCastro Sisters, The Landan Sisters, The Nilsson Twins, The Tracey Twins and the bubble gum poppin' bad seed herself, Patty McCormack. To see the complete playlist click here. Condition of vinyl before transfer: VG+ to NM.
The Princessing - Various Artists
- More girl spirits rising from the past - an overflowing collection of 35 lost Girl-Pop, Teener, Early Rock, Band Singer and so-on singles. The "twins" on the cover sort of represent the proliferation of sister acts on this collection. You'll be in sister act heaven with The Sylte Sisters, The Vonnair Sisters, The Darby Sisters, The Barry Sisters, The Sawyer Sisters, The Kendall Sisters, The Beverly Sisters, The Paulette Sisters, The Burton Sisters, Betty & Sue and Jane, Joan & Maryann (who we think are sisters). Other terrific tweets are provided by Dotti Malone, Betsy Brye, Janie Grant, Mary Small, Terri Stevens, Eileen Barton, Dolores Hawkins and Meredith MacRae! To see the complete playlist click here. Condition of vinyl before transfer: VG+ to NM. In case you haven't seen them, our other Princess collections are a little further down the page, click here.

Georgia Gibbs - Call Me - Here at last on CD is Her Nibs, Miss Gibbs' final recording, Call Me. Exquisitely produced by George David Weiss and Joe Sherman with sparkling arrangements by Joe Sherman and Teddy Randazzo the album runs the gamut of pop circa 1966. The slickly engineered stereo album ranges from schmaltzy chorus laden numbers like the Hot 100 bubbler Let Me Cry On Your Shoulder to the girl group vibed You Can Never Get Away From Me and includes a pumping Oh Pretty Woman-ized version of her career definer, Kiss Of Fire called appropriately Kiss Of Fire '66. Georgia's version of the title track, Call Me has to rank among the best of the dozens of interpretations of the Tony Hatch standard. In addition, the Adult Contemporary top 40 chart entry, the ultra campy Let Me Dream is the album's final track and the perfect exclamation point. Her Nibs' fans will be delighted with Georgia's fabulous swan song. The VG++ album has been beautifully audio cleaned. For complete track listing, click here.

The Lonesome Rhodes - Sandy & Donna - The original 1967 album by Sandy & Donna is pop and folk flavored country and vice versa. Several of the bonus tracks tend more toward just plain Sunshine folk/pop. The album opens with a cover of Tom Paxton's The Last Thing On My Mind followed by a cover of the folk standard I Can't Grow Peaches On A Cherry Tree and while they are great renditions, it's up hill from there. It's almost as though as though the powers that be didn't trust that Sandy's original material was strong enough to open the record. Sandra Rhodes wrote all but two of the rest of the songs on the disc and her writing is strong, sensitive and, well, incredible. She went on to be a very successful songwriter and wrote Conway Twitty's Country #1 The Clown in the 70's. But I am going all tangential...there are two additional covers, one being an odd yet perfect choice, Boyce and Hart's I Wanna Be Free. The final cover is a beautiful version of Blowin' In The Wind. Let's talk about some of Sandy's songs now. They are in varied styles. Songs like Fully Prepared and Make Like The Wind are set firmly in in country (the girls hailed from Memphis) while Love Is is pure coffee house girl folk. Your Overpowerin' Love is rock tinged folk/pop. Bonus tracks The Day Love Comes and The Delight Of My Day are firmly entrenched in Sunshine. Sandra's writing has depth, intelligence and is above all, melodic. While the production is gentler, the girls' singing and harmonies may bring to mind 2 of Clubs. Condition of vinyl before transfer, LP VG++ and the singles ranged from VG+ to Near Mint. All 17 tracks have been beautifully audio cleaned.

Girl Group Galore!

The Unknown Princess Rises Again - Various Artists - This one is packed with 30 virtually unheard of Girl Group and Girl Soul singles sides from the early 60's to the early 70's (mostly mid-60's). Some of these are lost, pure Girl Group classics like the set opener Don't You Dare by Donna Lynn and The Paper Dolls' You're The Boy I Want To Marry. There are a number of Girl Soul tracks that should be imperatives for every Northern Soul collection like The Apollas' Jive Cat, Gail Winters' You've Got The Power, Martha Star's No Part Time Love For Me and more! Brit popsterettes are well represented by Jean Martin's FABULOUS Three Times Three Is Love and Sandra Barry's The End Of The Line (written by Tony Hatch). Other writers, producers and arrangers include Gene Simmons, Chandler & DeVorzon, Resnick & Young, Vance & Pockriss, Gentry & Cordell and Artie Butler. To see the complete playlist/credits click here. Condition of vinyl before transfer: VG+ to NM. In case you haven't seen them, our other Princess collections are a little further down the page, click here.

Abbe Rainbows - Abbe Lane Goes Disco! - Seems Abbe's kids were wondering when their entertainment legend mommy was going to make another record and she obliged them in 1979 with this five song disco EP. There is one original, You Make It Hard To Love You and four fabulous disco covers including swirling disco versions of the fag classics Over The Rainbow and Ain't No Mountain High Enough (do you think there was a target audience?). Our favorite (aside from Abbe's awe-inspiring hair-do on the cover) is the Knock On Wood-esque rendition of Chi Coltrane's Thunder and Lightning. This disc provides an enthralling, non-stop 'high handbag'* experience. Condition of vinyl before transfer was VG++. Beautifully audio cleaned.

The De Castro Sisters - The The De Castros Sing - Though their earlier work on Abbott records was exemplary this Capitol outing from 1961 went relatively over-the-top...or should we say "sobre la parte superior"? The album is filled with standards from lush, lovely ballads like Love Letters and At Last to zippy, zany uptempos like Yes, We Have No Bananas and our personal favorite, a thrilling bi-lingual joyride on The Trolley Song. All with Latin rhythms. The original liner notes are dead-on accurate when they say, "The lyrics flow from English to Spanish and back again," and "The accent's on good dancing, good listening and especially, good fun!" We've also included as a bonus track a 1959 Cha-Cha version of the De Castro's own 1954 smash Teach Me apt addition to the festivities. Though I had the mono and stereo versions, my stereo copy wasn't in great shape so I audio cleaned the mono version which was VG++.

Verdelle Smith - Exquisite - Alone (In My Room) and more - Verdelle who? Or perhaps Who? Smith? Well, some people remember Verdelle's 1966 beautiful, melancholy folk/pop hit Tar and Cement. Here on CD is the album in it's entirety which includes the first single Alone (In My Room) and it's flip side, the original version of Walk Tall later made famous (sort of) by 2 of Clubs and Sandra Dee. We followed the album with every track we could get our hands on. We finally got a copy of the rare first single on Columbia and believe Verdelle's entire body of recorded works is now here. The 11 album tracks were recorded from a sealed LP. All of the 9 single tracks were recorded from VG+ to Near Mint 45's. Beautifully audio cleaned. Album and singles were all mono. To read a description/review of the CD and see the full track listing, click here.

Vicki Lawrence - The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia...and points beyond - Yippee - Yay - Hooray!!! The original LP with Vicki's #1 smash along with four more Bobby Russell songs. We've included six fantastic bonus tracks from 1970 through 1979 that include another Bobby Russell song Used To Be from the 1970 film The Grasshopper and Vicki's 1979 foray into legitimate disco that includes the scintillating Don't Stop The Music. The 11 album tracks were recorded from a Near Mint stereo LP. The six bonus tracks were recorded from Near Mint stereo vinyl. Beautifully audio cleaned. To see the full track listing, click here.
EEEK - It's Monique! - Don't ask, just LISTEN! Take a break from the Sunshine, Girl Group/Girl Pop and Schmaltz and be charmed by this transfer of Monique Van Vooren's marvelous 1958 LP "Mink in Hi-Fi". It is terrific. Sultry, earthy chanteuse at its pinnacle. Perhaps this description seems brief but there is little more that can be said because this is just plain great. 12 audio cleaned tracks.

Elke Sommer - Love In Any Language - Not only was she beautiful, but she could act! And not only could she act, but she could sing - sort of. Nevermind, she beautifully interpreted the songs heard on her first album from the mid-60's and will seduce you in English, Italian, Spanish, French and German (if it's possible to be seduced in German). Some of the songs include I Surrender Dear, Solamente Una Vez (Eat your heart out Eydie Gorme), Melancholie and Stardust. NOW WITH FOUR BONUS TRACKS! To see the complete track listing, click here. The 12 album tracks were recorded from a sealed LP and the bonus tracks were from NM 45's - all audio cleaned.

Lizabeth - Another one that may enchant your ears is the debut album by screen siren Lizabeth 'Scotty' Scott. Recorded around the time of her retirement from the big screen in 1957 and released in 1958 this album includes Ms. Scott's renditions of some lesser known tunes by major A-list composers like Johnny Mercer, Cole Porter and Harold Arlen along with a marvelous rendition of Willow Weep For Me. Until now, we never knew that she wasn't doing the singing in her movies though her performance here belies that fact. The irony here is that Scotty spends so much time singing about MEN that you'd swear she was heterosexual. 12 audio cleaned tracks.

Jean Martin - Please Be Gentle With Me - We're so glad we now have the seductive, sexy Jean Martin on CD. Jean, a diving champ and former Miss Houston seemed to be going places with her singing career for a few years in the mid 1950's. She was a popular guest on many radio shows and landed a spot on Morey Amsterdam's TV Time as the regular songstress ultimately leading to her own 26 week show on ABC-TV. Before disappearing into "whatever happened to" land, Jean also appeared in episodes of the classic TV show The Naked City and New York Confidential and in the Warner Bros. film "Jamboree". This is the full album along with six bonus tracks including the original version of the album's title track and two tracks under the direction of our beloved Milton Delugg! 17 tracks in all. Condition of vinyl before transfer: VG++ to Mint. Audio cleaned.

Constance Towers Sings to The Horse Soldiers - We were expecting Constance to be accompanied Civil War style by a harmonica and a banjo on someone's knee but what we got was a big slice of angel's food cake Eisenhower era schmaltz with white frosting a'la Patti Page. Make that moist and tasty for the cake and icing. Pleasant indeed, this is a collection of standards about parting, missing, losing, praying, well wishing and hoped for reunions. The album includes an enchanting and marvelous mellow 'hop-a-long' version of God Bless The Child and a lovely, eerie rendition of Cole Porter's You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To. Theatrically trained Constance is a MUST for pop vocalist collections. One wonders whether contemporarily attired Constance was gowned and posed amidst a film scene in process (that is John Wayne on the left) or skillfully cut and pasted in by a highly underpaid staff artist. The 1959 mono LP was VG+. A few mild pffts here and there haven't impeded my listening enjoyment. Beautifully audio cleaned.

Our Girl Group and Femal Vocal Collections - The Princess Series

Tomb Of The Unknown Princess - Various Artists
The younger sister to Face Of The Unknown Princess with count 'em - 30 Girl Group and Girl Group flavored treasures by mostly very obscure artists from the late 50's to the late 60's. Many of these were gleaned from vinyl LPs that were never re-issued on CD and others are from 45's (only two stereo tracks). Among the well known are The Ronettes, The Jelly Beans & Eydie Gorme. The lesser known (unknown) include Hedy Sontag, The Halos, The Inspirations, Cake, 2 of Clubs and Bernadette Carroll. As far as I know only 3 of these tracks are available on obscure or out of print CDs. To see complete track listing, click here. Condition of vinyl before transfer: VG++ to M-. 30 tracks. Excellently audio cleaned.

The Princess Principle - Various Artists
My first companion piece to Tomb Of The Unknown Princess takes a turn toward the quirky and perky as a compliment to the more dreamy, heart tingling & tickling Tomb to evoke the principles of princessdom like threatening other girls to keep away from your guy, the utter necessity of things like lipstick and high heels and nagging (or going surfing with) the boy of your name. I packed this one with 33 Girl Group obscurities only 3 of which are available on out of print CDs. Among the featured better known artists are Jo Ann Campbell, Joanie Sommers, Kathy Linden & Bernadette Peters from her pre Broadway diva era sounding like one of the multitude of Lesley Gore clones that abounded from '63 to '65. Some of the more obscure princesses are The Fortune Cookies, Marilyn Britton, Christine Quaite, Bernadette Carroll & The Short Cuts. I've even included The Fabulous! Eileen Barton's turn at Girl Group from 1962 with her Annette Funicello styled "Patty Cake-Patty Cake". To see the complete track liksting, click here. Most of the vinyl was in VG++ to M condition. Audio cleaned!

The Grandmother of Our Collections

Face of the Unknown Princess - Various Artists
I have lots and lots of rare 45's by female vocalists from the mid 50's to the mid 60's - pop, jazz and early rock 'n' roll - most of which have not been issued on CD. A few of these artists have been extensively issued on CD but many of their tracks remain imprisoned on vinyl. (I've broken a rule here and included a couple of digitally reissued tracks from out of print re-issues.) Better known artists include Georgia Gibbs, Chris Connor, Jo Ann Campbell, Eydie Gorme & Dorothy Collins. Among the obscure; Bette Anne Steele, Mary Small (at the time Mrs. Vic Mizzy), Janie, Rosemary June, Eileen Todd, Jean Martin, Terri Stevens and of course our beloved The Fabulous! Eileen Barton. Musical directors and conductors include some stars as well; Ray Conniff, Neal Hefti, Vic Mizzy, the divine Milton Delugg, Don Costa, Hugo Winterhalter & more! To see the playlist click here. For liner notes click here. Condition of vinyl before transfer: VG to NM. Beautifully audio cleaned.

The Incredible! Bette Anne Steele - My companion piece to The Fabulous! Eileen Barton. This zany, cherubic cupie doll of a girl with a great big voice recorded some of the most exhilarating novelty-styled numbers of the 1950's. It's amazing that she never had a national chart record. Despite her deftness with bodacious uptempo numbers, Bette Anne could also put over a ballad beautifully as evidenced by her delicious version of "Mr. Wonderful" and the dreamy and evocative vocal version of Santo & Johnny's instrumental smash, "Sleep Walk" which she recorded under the name of Betsy Brye. I will be adding bonus tracks whenever I can get additional recordings. To see the current track list, click here. To read a bio by Bette Anne's son, click here. Made from VG+ to NM 45's and beautifully audio cleaned.
Now updated with two extremely rare tracks! I managed to find a single that I didn't even know existed on Mr. Peacock Records and I believe Bette Anne's first outing under the moniker Betsy Brye. The very Stupid Cupid-esque Even Steven and a Connie Francis style ballad, Did You Hear (What They're Saying) co-written by The Incredible! Bette Anne herself!
The Fabulous! - Eileen Barton
A CD-R gleaned from some of Eileen Barton's best mid and uptempo Coral 45 sides from 1952 through 1956 now includes all six of Eileen's Epic tracks from 1957. I also added her MGM, United Artists, Crest and 20th Century sides from 1959 through 1963. While many of Eileen's later sides show her essential swing sound, she proved she could change with the times as exemplified by the rockin' 1959 version of her mega smash "If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked A Cake", the ultra-bachelor-esque Cha-Cha "Que Pasa, My Darling", several Connie Francis styled ballads like the Who's Sorry Now styled version of the classic song "That Old Feeling" all the way up to the girl group sounds of The Earth Stood Still and the Annette-ish "Patty Cake - Patty Cake". Though many of the original 15 tracks appear on the amazing Jasmine Records tribute, I didn't delete any and added in one I didn't have the first time around, "I Ain't Gonna Do It" and the flip side of "Dumayerry", "Then I'll Be Tired Of You". Selections from my original version include "Sway", "A Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow", "Too Close For Comfort" and the "I Don't Want To Mambo Polka" co-written by our beloved Milton Delugg and performed with Lawrence Welk and his Orchestra. To see the complete Fabulous! track listing and a brief bio/editorial, click here. Condition of vinyl before transfer: VG+ to M. 31 tracks. Beautifully audio cleaned. [I'm aware of the 2 CD set from Jasmine that came out in 2006 to finally (and unfortunately posthumously) pay tribute our beloved Eileen but they left out several of the tracks that are on our collection and didn't include any tracks recorded after 1955.] Check out the Fabulous! Eileen Barton Gallery at Saxony Records!

Way Out West - Mae West - Eternally young Mae West jumped on the Rock 'n' Roll bandwagon in the mid-60’s and recorded this album of hits of the day including "Treat Him Right", "Day Tripper", "Boom Boom" and one original (and possibly the best) track "Mae Day". It teeters on the fence between embarrassing and camp. 11 songs in all. (Too bad she never recorded a disco album, our imaginations run rampant!) Condition of vinyl before transfer: VG+. Some noise reduction and audio cleaning. More Mae is on the Celebrity Corner page.

Jayne Mansfield: Shakespeare, Tchaikovsky & Me!
This is a wonderfully campy recording of Jayne Mansfield reading classic poetry over intermittent strains of classical music. Jayne was taking it quite seriously but being Jayne, she infused her Jayne-ness into the readings making it a delightful listen for poetry and camp fans alike. I've just completely re-recorded it and done a beautiful audio cleaning and ooh, lover doll, it sounds great. To see a list of all 32 recitations, click here.
Condition of vinyl before transfer: Jayne VG++.

Ladies Of Burlesque - Various Artists - An album of burlesque numbers in Hollywood films from the 1930’s through the 1960’s. It features numbers you'd expect by the likes of Betty Grable, Alice Faye and Rita Hayworth but also scores points with numbers by 'A-List Second Stringers' Lucille Ball, Ann Southern and Shelley Winters. More winning points are scored with girlie numbers by character broads like Iris Adrian and Lee Patrick and also by going for numbers by the less notorious yet equally scrumptious Nita Talbot, Jan Sterling and more. Probably the most famous song on the album is Barbara Stanwyck’s "Take It Off The E String (Play It On The G String)" from the ultra campy murder mystery "Lady Of Burlesque" from which the album takes its name. Beware: these were taken directly from the film tracks and include audience responses and room noise that could not be filtered. 27 tracks in all!!! To see the complete playlist, click here. Condition of vinyl before transfer: VG+. Noise Reduction.

Dody Goodman Sings? She sure does! I was a bit leery when I managed to attain this recording of Dody's circa 1957 LP and was surprisingly and pleasantly very entertained. Now you can be too! Grin as Dody dottily croons about the charm of April In Fairbanks and the beauty of Tranquilizers (our favorite). A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I happened to see Jackie Curtis and Holly Woodlawn's cabaret show in which they performed April In Fairbanks and I thought it was an original. I was guessing it was debuted by Dody but have been informed that it was originally performed by Jane Connell in in the Broadway revue, "New Faces of 1956". Still leave it to Misses Curtis, Woodlawn and Dody Goodman to cover the zany tune! Vinyl before transfer was VG++. Beautifully audio cleaned. 11 tracks in glorious Mono.

2 of Clubs - 9 X 2 of Clubs - In Cincinnati in 1966 & 67 two girls, Linda Parrish and Patti Valentine recorded a grand total of 9 terrific tracks and at last, they're together on one disc for the first time. Their first single is a classic cover of the one & only garage track recorded by Petula Clark. Not only is it a cover of a Petula Clark song, it was co-written by the one & only Pet herself. Many think 2 of Clubs' version outshines Pet's outstanding rendition. The flip-side, My First Heart Break is another outstanding track co-written by Linda who wrote or co-wrote all of their wonderful flip-sides. Among the tracks is the chart single Walk Tall (Billboard #92) written by Paul Vance and Lee Pockriss, which was performed by Sandra Dee in the 1967 film "Doctor, You've Got To Be Kidding". Other tracks include Let Me Walk With You written by Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil and an uncommon version of the Barry - Greenwich - Spector classic River Deep - Mountain High. 2 of Clubs land somewhere between Post Coffee House Girl Folk and Garage, Psych and Sunshine Pop/Rock making theirs a sound unique to them. Condition of vinyl before transfer was Mint to VG+. Beautifully audio cleaned. Mono.

Peggy Lipton - Not only was she a gorgeous, sultry flower child but she could act! And not only could she act, but she could sing - really. Yes, and she could also write and well hold a candle to her idols Laura Nyro and Carole King (who she tributized here a couple of years before Carole released her Tapestry album with her own version of Natural Woman). So Peggy Lipton was visionary as well! This is her debut album from late 1968 with two bonus tracks that were singles in 1970. I'm so excited about this disc that I can't help turning this description into a mini review. As mentioned previously, this album tributizes her idols Laura Nyro and Carole King. All of the non-original songs were written by Laura or Carole (with either Goffin or Stern). The choices are exemplary. She chose Stoney End two years before Streisand took it to the top ten. She also chose two other great yet rarely covered Nyro songs, Flim Flam Man and Lu. For her Carole King songs (aside from her excellent version of the well worn Natural Woman) Peggy scores big points not only for choosing It Might As Well Rain Until September but for the lustrous ballad interpretation... possibly producer Lou Adler's idea. Another wonderful and obscure Carole King song is Lady Of The Lake. And Peggy's own compositions exemplified by Let Me Pass By and San Francisco Glide show her to have an evocative lyrical and melodic inspiration to rival her idols. Peggy's voice is lilting and soulful and her writing has the quiet depth she exuded on screen. No wonder she and Quincy matched up. To see the full track listing, click here. The album was Near Mint as was one of the singles. The final single was VG+. Beautifully audio cleaned.

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*'High Handbag': Okay, here we go...Stand up, put on something fabulous and DISCO, put one hand on one hip and hold the other hand in the air as if holding up a clutch bag and now sashay back and forth to the beat of the music. Music that makes you dance like that is "high handbag" music.