New Wave

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New Wave
Undercurrents & Riptides
Visit the New York City New Wave Rock Scene from 1977 to 1982

New York City's rock club scene in the late 70's and early 80's was a hot bed of creativity and a music explosion. Though some of the amazing music of the period has been reissued, much is lost to vinyl and here for the first time these vital tracks are available on CD. Many of the acts were from places other than the Big Apple but their records were all played in clubs like The Mudd Club, Club 57 at Irving Plaza, CBGB's and Hurrah's where many of them performed regularly along with luckier acts like The B-52's, The Go-Go's, Billy Idol, The Bangles, The Beastie Boys and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. From gritty rhythm 'n' rock to no wave to post Moroder synth rock, here are some of

the bands you'll hear: Pulsallama, Head Cheese (before they were Book of Love), Way of the West, Our Daughter's Wedding, Fingerprintz, Nervus Rex, The Drongos, The Passions, Girls At Our Best, The Anemic Boyfriends, Blue Rondo A La Turk, The MO-dettes, The Fallout Club (featuring pre-'Science' Thomas Dolby) and even Shawn Cassidy's rarely heard foray into New Wave (produced by Todd Rundgren no less!). Condition of vinyl before transfer was Near Mint. 23 stereo tracks each. Beautifully audio cleaned. To see track listings, click here.
Here's what one of our visitors said about these two collections:
"I neglected to share this past year, despite having thousands of CDs I always return to the two compilations you sent me; "New Wave Riptides" and "New Wave Undercurrents". Any more? I want some more, please and thanks." - CC, Malibu, CA - September 2008

Nervus Rex - Here is the full 1981 LP by Nervus Rex produced by Mike Chapman who may have had fantasies of turning this band into the next Blondie. Unfortunately the band is best remembered in terms of this album and while it is exquisite, Commander Chapman (as he was calling himself at the time) obviously didn't quite get it because he slickened up a band that didn't need any slickening (he also slickened up Blondie which worked - sort of). I was there, I know. I knew, though only casually, Shawn Brighton and Lauren Agnelli, from being a bartender in clubs they regularly played, Mudd Club and Club 57 at Irving Plaza. They were my favorite live band hands down with a more raw edge than is evident on the album, which disappointed me at the time. Meanwhile and in retrospect, it is a FANTASTIC album with extremely tight, perfectly written melodic pop gems that I never tire of listening to. You'll hear the difference Chapman's production made when you listen to the two bonus tracks gleaned from both sides of their 1978 single co-produced by the band and Steve Israel. Condition of vinyl before transfer: LP and single were VG++ to NM. Beautifully audio cleaned.

The Drongos - This band from New Zealand is among the amazing unsung heros of New Wave along with Nervus Rex and many others featured on the above Riptides and Under Currents collections. I remember seeing them playing on the streets of lower Manhattan and thinking they were better than a lot of signed bands. They were so popular with lunchtime passers-by that my managers at Club 57 at Irving Plaza just walked up to them on the street and booked them for a gig that paid in more than spare change. Here are more extremely tight and perfectly written melodic pop gems slightly more off-beat than the retro/camp vibe of Nervus Rex. There is a balance between female and male leads. Some of the songs have a more rockabilly vibe but the vocals and production are set firmly in New Wave. The musicianship, as with Nervus Rex is excellent, super professional and slick. The CD contains the full first album along with the bonus track Halloween, the flip-side of their first single. Condition of vinyl before transfer: LP and single were all NM. Beautifully audio cleaned.

Of interest: As we continue to research we're finding re-issues of items that were not available when we compiled New Wave Riptides and Under Currents in 2005. The Passions Thirty Thousand Feet Over China is now out with five bonus tracks. Also, Girls At Our Best was also re-issued but is now out of print. You have to get them while they're hot!

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