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Theme Scheme - Hollywood - Broadway - TV - Bachelor Pad at it's pinnacle. Although a couple of these are actually from the original soundtracks most of these are fun versions of themes from TV shows & movies with a few versions of Broadway tunes thrown in. We included a few tracks that are available but they are from obscure or out of print discs. The 31 tracks include Sammy Kaye's non-sequitur, blaring bump 'n' grind rendition of Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte, the rare and incredible Theme From Checkmate by Johnny Williams, the un-reissued Marnie by Nat King Cole, Richard Hayman's elegant and eerie Morricone-esque Theme From The Killing Of Sister George and Brenda Lee & Pete Fountain's brilliant & bodacious version of Cabaret (the best version ever). To see the full track/artist listing, click here. All tracks have been beautifully audio cleaned.

Follow Me - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - We loved our single of Dino, Desi & Billy's Thru Spray Colored Glasses so much that we got this album for their two additional songs. Also, we're fans of Stu Phillips - after all, anyone who had anything to do with Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls is more than worthy of worship. We didn't expect much in the way of the non-pop song score but weren't we surprised and swept away by Mr. Phillips' stunning, travelogue-esque score that takes us around the world through compelling, ethnic rhythms and melodies, as well as thru spray colored glasses! Mr. Phillips co-writer on two of the three pop songs was David Gates while the fab Like The Wind And Sea was co-penned by Ronnie Franklin. Condition of vinyl before transfer was VG+ to VG++ and has been beautifully audio cleaned. To see complete track listing and liner notes, click here.
House On Haunted Hill & The Web - The first song is a Frank DeVol exotica version of the theme from the original 1957 House On Haunted Hill. The second song, The Web by Abie 'Available' Baker is the music from the strip club scene in the deliriously delightful cult classic The Brain That Wouldn't Die. Track three is Supernatural Voodoo Woman from the 1974 blacksploitation classic Sugar Hill; #4, The Green Slime by The Green Slime from the 1969 goopsploitation classic, you guessed it, The Green Slime and a 5th track, a typically out-there rendition of House On Haunted Hill by The Arthur Lyman Group. Condition of vinyl before transfer: VG+ to Near Mint.

Wild Wheels - Original Soundtrack Recording - Music Score by Harley Hatcher - As stated in the liner notes written by Carole Curb the album is eclectic in nature from the really quite excellent country of Don Epperson to the pop-rock of Terry Stafford. Those tracks are surprisingly good and the balance of the also good tracks range from Sunshine folk all the way to pure Sunshine pop. Among our favorites are I Hear Music and Makin' Love by The Thirteenth Committe, A Thousand Butterflies by The Three of August, The Saturday Revue's Holiday Rider and Billie & Blue's I Can't Blame Myself. Everything has a polish provided by the expert skills of producer Harley Hatcher. The VG+ to VG++ stereo LP has been beautifully audio cleaned with only a few telltale vinyl remainders at some of the fades - barely noticeable. To see the complete track listing click here.

The De Castro Sisters - The The De Castros Sing - Though their earlier work on Abbott records was exemplary this Capitol outing from 1961 went relatively over-the-top...or should I say "sobre la parte superior"? The album is filled with standards from lush, lovely ballads like Love Letters and At Last to zippy, zany uptempos like Yes, We Have No Bananas and our personal favorite, a thrilling bi-lingual joyride on The Trolley Song. All with Latin rhythms. The original liner notes are dead-on accurate when they say, "The lyrics flow from English to Spanish and back again," and "The accent's on good dancing, good listening and especially, good fun!" I've also included as a bonus track a 1959 Cha-Cha version of the De Castro's own 1954 smash Teach Me apt addition to the festivities. Though I had the mono and stereo versions, my stereo copy wasn't in great shape so I audio cleaned the mono version which was VG++.

Music For The Big Scene by Sounds In Contrast - Once upon a time in Michigan in the mid-60's there was (apparently) an enclave of very talented musicians, composers and singers who it seems decided to put out their own music on their own record label. And boy are we glad! Here is a very campy Jazz/Bachelor Pad album featuring different styles of music including soft rock, lounge and gentle latin. Vocalists are the exquisite Shirley Bolt and Harry Connick's illegitimate uncle, Guy Durrell. Also featured is the vibraphone virtuosity of Jack Brokensha. Most notably, the troupe seems to have introduced - and possibly outroduced a new style, Hawaiian Dixieland which is not only tear evokingly campy, it's EXCELLENT! Bachelor Pad Heaven. The stereo LP was Still Sealed. The single bonus tracks from a mono VG++ 45. Beautifully audio cleaned.
Rally 'Round The Flagg Starring Fannie Flagg - And you thought all she could do was come up with snappy answers on the Match Game. Here for the first time since it was re-issued on vinyl in the 1970's is Fannie's hilariously funny 1967 comedy album. Of note are the tracks featuring Fannie's lampoon of local access news with her character Susie Sweetwater and as if timing isn't everything, Fannie sends up then first lady, Lady Bird Johnson on the first and last tracks. When you hear this you will wonder why Fannie didn't have more af a performing career...or for that matter, her own long running TV show. Condition of vinyl before transfer was VG+. Audio cleaned.
The Pastors - Lettermen & Osmonds fans rejoice! Here come the Pastors. While the Pastor brothers 1973 album straddles the fence between Sunshine Pop, Easy Listening and White Bread R&B, Sunshine, Schmaltz and vocal harmony fans can meet at the gate. The album opens with a gorgeous, lilting version of the Sunshine staple She Let's Her Hair Down (Early In The Morning) which had chart versions by The Tokens, Gene Pitney and Don Young as well as an album cut by The Cuff Links (numerous other covers surely abound). Several of the songs are white R&B rousers like Hey, Did You Give Some Love Today or mid-tempos like the Lambert - Potter penned Rose By Any Other Name, that fall firmly into Osmonds territory. There is a five plus minute Lettermen-esque opus medley of America's I Need You, The Moody Blues' Isn't Life Strange and Nilsson's Without You that is brilliant in conception and execution. Other excellent covers include the Paul Williams - Roger Nichols penned Monkees charter Someday Man and a la-la packed Cat Stevens cover of Wild World. The boys give away their Vegas affiliation sounding like male Andrews Sisters (or three male Bette Midlers) on the bodacious swing cover of Louis Prima's Robin Hood - fantastic. Our favorite is Solitude which is like a luscious love letter to being alone and savoring it. To see the complete track listing and liner notes, click here. Condition of all vinyl before transfer was VG++ to NM and beautifully audio cleaned.

Those Nick at Nite Jingles - I was one of the writers of 14 of these jingles but I made a CD of all 70 of the original Nick at Nite jingles circa 1991 - 1997. I transferred them from a production company cassette and removed the tape hiss. "Better living through good TV." Indeed!
Those Nick at Nite Jingles - The Motion Picture Those Nick at Nite Jingles on DVD!!! - I also made a DVD-R of all 70 of the jingles.

These have been transferred from a production company VHS copy of the jingles that was provided to all the participants on the project - NOT taped off the TV. These are the jingles as they aired and some include the post production sound effects that weren't on the audio version. I didn't make labels for them (I've been told not to label DVD's).
The Forgotten Dance - Various Artists - UPDATED!!!
The Dance Craze of the 1960's inspired some memorable and quite forgettable dance moves. This collection features songs about some of each. The point here is that most of these songs have unfortunately been forgotten - if they were ever heard at all. I include two songs about dancing - one to get you started and one to finish up. In between are 16 songs in chronological order from 1957 to 1969 about dances like the memorable Jerk and Boo-Ga-Loo and the memorably forgettable Quiver, Bug and Willy. Artists include Chubby Checker, Jackie Lee, Reparata & The Delrons, The Edsels, Little Joe & The Thrillers, The Strangeloves, The Walker Bros., The Orlons and more and now I've added the fabulous Frank Sinatra contribution to the dance craze, Ev'rybody's Twistin'! Condition of most vinyl before transfer: VG+ to NM. All audio cleaned. To see complete playlist, click here.

TV Guide Top Television Themes
From the vinyl LP originally released in 1959. It includes versions of themes from some of the top shows from the '58 - '59 season. Though most of the tracks have merit, the stand-outs are The D.A.'s Man, M Squad and the killer diller blaring big band version of Mickey Mouse Club (must be heard to be believed - it is a masterpiece). Also, a version of Have Gun Will Travel to rival Powerhouse. See all 12 tracks on the page with the artwork. Condition of vinyl before transfer: NM. Newly audio cleaned and sounding better than ever.
Honey West & 77 Sunset Strip - Two Original TV Soundtrack Albums
The original soundtracks from the original TV shows. Cool! Jazz! Terrific!
Honey West fans will be delighted. Among the 3 versions of the 77 Sunset Strip Theme is a Cha Cha rendition that is a doozy. Great 50's - 60's TV Jazz. 25 tracks total. Condition of vinyl before transfer - Honey West (mono): NM; 77 Sunset Strip (stereo): VG++. Now sounds better with new audio cleaning.
Burke's Law - Original Television Soundtrack Recording
The original soundtrack from the original Burke's Law TV show starring Gene Barry and a Rolls Royce. Like Honey West and 77 Sunset Strip, its Cool! Jazz! Terrific! There are 3 versions of the the theme song. Along with the incredible original version are a slower groove blues version called Burke's Law Blues and a swing/bop version called Burke's Beat. 13 tracks total. Condition of vinyl before transfer VG+++. Beautifully audio cleaned. Sorry, it's mono.

The HAPPENING!!! - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by De Vol
Of course nobody can imagine why this ABSOLUTE CLASSIC has remained under radar (plus perhaps six additional feet) for as long as it has so I've done the dirty deed and dug it up. You can hear the undeniable influence of Herb Alpert on movie music of the mid to late 1960's. He must've admired the capable cloning by the amazing De Vol on this outing because he brought his own version of The Happening to #32 on the charts quite possibly as the theaters were trying to expunge the memory of the "zany" youth movie that had recently scarred their screens. Meanwhile the score is great fun and a must for De Vol fans and rare film score buffs alike. 12 beautifully audio cleaned tracks from near mint vinyl. Sorry, it's mono.

The Love Machine - Original Sound Track Recording
"Oh Robin Stone.." A great sound track from a really cheesy movie. This overlooked sound track composed by Artie Butler contains the film track as well as the pop versions of "He's Moving On" and "Amanda" sung by Dionne Warwicke. The lyrics to "Amanda" were written by Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere & The Raiders fame. This also contains the famous theme to The Christie Lane Show. Condition of vinyl before transfer: Near Mint. Beautifully audio cleaned. Another one you can't tell was vinyl.

Dody Goodman Sings? She sure does! I was a bit leery when we managed to attain this recording of Dody's circa 1957 LP and were surprisingly and pleasantly very entertained. Now you can be too! Grin as Dody dottily croons about the charm of April In Fairbanks and the beauty of Tranquilizers (our favorite). A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I happened to see Jackie Curtis and Holly Woodlawn's cabaret show in which they performed April In Fairbanks and I thought it was an original. I was guessing it was debuted by Dody but have been informed that it was originally performed by Jane Connell in in the Broadway revue, "New Faces of 1956". Still leave it to Misses Curtis, Woodlawn and Dody Goodman to cover the zany tune! Condition of vinyl before transfer was VG++ to NM. Beautifully audio cleaned. 11 tracks in glorious Mono.

Allan Sherman - My Son, The Folk Singer - Well, all that was available until recently was a collection that took 2 or 3 cuts from each of his albums but where were the individual albums? Okay, so they finally put out a box set which has everything, if you want to spend 125 smackers. This hilarious album features the classics, "Sarah Jackman", "Shake Hands With Your Uncle Max" and "The Streets Of Miami" plus 7 more laughter inducing Alan Sherman masterworks.
PLUS!!! - Sandra Gould Strikes Back
- I couldn't resist adding two bonus tracks taken from Sandra Gould's satire of Allan Sherman's satires 45, "Hello Melvin? This Is Mama" and "My Son The Surfer". Hilarious! (In case you don't know, Sandra Gould replaced Alice Pearce as Gladys Kravits on Bewitched after Alice passed away.)
Condition of Allan Sherman vinyl before transfer was VG++ and the Sandra Gould 45 was NM. All the recordings were LIVE! Beautifully audio cleaned.
Harlow - Original Soundtrack by Nelson Riddle - The rare and seldom heard motion picture score to the rare and seldom seen 1965 film starring Carol Lynley. This is Nelson Riddle schmaltz at its zenith and a must not only for Riddle fans but for collectors of rare motion picture scores. Also a must for fans of Marilyn & Alan Bergman who wrote the lyrics to the two songs in the score, "I Believed It All" with vocal solo by Mary Mayo and "With Open Arms" performed by Nelson Riddle's Chorus. Also features piano solos by Pearl Kaufman. Condition of vinyl before transfer was NM-. Beautifully audio cleaned. Mono, oh well.

Jayne Mansfield: Shakespeare, Tchaikovsky & Me!
This is a wonderfully campy recording of Jayne Mansfield reading classic poetry over intermittent strains of classical music. Jayne was taking it quite seriously but being Jayne, she infused her Jayne-ness into the readings making it a delightful listen for poetry and camp fans alike. I've just completely re-recorded it and done a beautiful audio cleaning and ooh, lover doll, it sounds great. To see a list of all 32 recitations, click here.
Condition of vinyl before transfer: VG++.

Alfred Newman - Hollywood Maestro
Includes themes from seven of his original scores including "How Green Was My Valley", "All About Eve", "A Letter To Three Wives" and "The Razor’s Edge". The additional six tracks are arrangements of pieces by other notable composers from Gershwin to Rimsky-Korsakov.
Condition of vinyl before transfer: VG+
Max Steiner - Music From Caged, Mildred Pierce, & More
Max-out on Max Steiner - Master of Melodrama. Score selections inlcude melonoirama Mildred Pierce, film noir classics Caged, Without Honor and The Breaking Point (a remake of To Have and Have Not with John Garfiled and a young, dishy and bleached blonde Patricia Neal) and the delightful and often perky Four Daughters. 3 of the 5 selections include the Warner Bros. fanfare.
Condition of vinyl before transfer: VG++ to NM. Beautifully audio cleaned.
Dead Ringer & Jack The Ripper - Two Harpsichord Laced Movie Soundtrack Albums. 1) The original Andre Previn score from the twin Bette Davis scenery chewer. 2) Pete Rugolo & Jimmy McHugh's score for the 1959 British Jack The Ripper - which, "brings new meaning to the term elevator music." Condition of vinyl before transfer: Dead Ringer VG+: Jack The Ripper VG. Beautifully audio cleaned. Both were recorded from stereo LPs. To see a list of the track titles, click here.
Beyond The Forest - Classic Score From The Classic Motion Picture - The Bette Bonanza continues with the super dramatic and campy Max Steiner score to another classic Bette Davis scenery chewer. There's more Max further up the page too! Condition of vinyl before transfer: VG+.
Mary - Queen of Scots - The beautiful John Barry score for the 1971 film starring Vanessa Redgrave and Glenda Jackson. The re-recorded version now out on digitally remastered compilations is surely missing the delightful and austere vocals of Vanessa Redgrave. Condition of vinyl before transfer: VG++ to NM.

Sally Field - Star of The Flying Nun - YIPES!! - Okay, so you were wondering when this was going to come out on CD. I was getting tired of holding my breath so I made my own vinyl transfer. The liner notes by then editor of 16 Magazine declared that Sally's singing career was off to a flying start. Thud. As a vocalist, Sally lands somewhere between Nancy Sinatra and Patty Duke - if a bit more melodious than either - but nevermind - just one listen will have hypoglycemics on a sugar high for over a week. Supported by the Bob Mitchell (Children's) Choir, Sally delivers the 13 album and 4 bonus ultra-sunshiney inspirational and Christian songs the only way you would want to hear them. This is perfect for parents longing to instill something of worth into their kids before rap ensnares them into the devil's army. It's also an essential for bubblegumsters and sunshinesters. Two of the bonus tracks are with fellow sisters Madeleine Sherwood & Marge Redmond! LP tracks are STEREO - the bonuses are from VG+ mono 45's. Condition of vinyl before transfer was VG++. Beautifully audio cleaned.

This Is Kim - Can someone tell me if anyone ever made a Marilyn Monroe "obsession album" inspired by her during her lifetime? Well, I guess in this arena, Kim Novak has one up on the ultimate bombshell icon. This is an album of songs inspired by Kim Novak as she appeared in the 1957 film Jeanne Eagels. It's extremely schmaltzy and not in a campy way so that would make this for Kim completist collectors only. The aural enticement of this piece is the repitition of the "This Is Kim" theme created in the only original composition, written specifically for this album. NOTE: Kim Novak does NOT sing on this album - it was made as a tribute to her. The mono LP was VG+ and audio cleaned. Sounds terrific!

Manuel de Falla's El Amor Brujo (Love, The Magician) - Original Soundtrack Recording of the Carlos Saura Film - Falla's spectacular music is played by the Orquesta Nacional de Espana conducted by Jesus Lopez-Cobos. Also spotlighted are 11 richly evocative flamenco songs, dances & guitar solos from the film score. The film came out in 1985 so it is a mystery to us why this was never released on CD. Quality of vinyl before transfer was NM. Beautifully audio cleaned.

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