Bette Davis in Two's Company
Update of the original front cover
This design utilizes the caricature of Bette Davis that was used on the RCA Red Seal re-issue of the album in 1978. We don't know what the original album from 1952 looked like. On the re-issue there was a four line staff going vertically from Bette's chin straight down to the bottom of the cover. Here, Sun has taken the idea of a music staff swirling up as smoke from a cigarette, Bette Davis' hallmark. An alternate 'bonus tracks' version of the CD was prepared with some selections from an album that Ms. Davis recorded in 1976 called Miss Bette Davis Sings! That might be a contradiction of terms. Below are the alternate inside and label designs. To read a review of Two's Company, click here. See more details in the Sort Of Records catalog. To see the album credits click here.

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