"TV Guide - Top Television Themes"
The front cover of this piece is a restoration of the ORIGINAL COVER from the vinyl LP, which was originally released in 1959. It includes versions of themes from some of the top shows from the 1958 - 1959 season. Though most of the tracks have merit, the stand-outs are The D.A.'s Man, M Squad and the killer diller blaring big band version of Mickey Mouse Club (must be heard to be believed - it is a masterpiece). Like 77 Sunset Strip, the back of the original album also featured a picture of the mixing board from Master Control at Warner's only here it is being presented by a post-Mouseketeer Annette instead of the twin Honey Wests featured on the Honey West / 77 Sunset Strip CD. The tray insert has a background graphic Sun calls 50's via the 80's with a vintage TV set tuned to Perry Mason and Della Street (looks like Perry and Della got out of the office and courthouse on occasion). Sticking to the Perry Mason theme (partly because of the scarcity of good imagery from other shows) the CD label features the under rated sex symbol William '20 Million Miles To Earth' Hopper as Paul Drake. See more details in the Sort Of Records catalog.

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