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The Fabulous! Eileen Barton
1. You Intrigue Me (Al J. Neiberg - Fred Spielman) 1952
2. You Like - (Bunny Paul) 1952
3. A Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow (Adaptation: Roger Eden) 1953
4. Pot Luck (Al Hoffman - Dick Manning) 1953
5. I Ain't Gonna Do It (I Ain't Gonna Fall In Love) (Herbert J. Lance - Charles Singleton) 1953
6. Jesse James (Jerry Livingston - Ralph Freed) 1954
7. Sway (Pablo Beltran Ruiz - Gorman Gimbel) Chart #21 1954
8. When Mama Calls (Bob Merrill) 1954
9. I Don't Want To Mambo Polka (Milton Delugg - Allan Roberts) 1955
10. The Year We Fell In Love (Roy Jordan - Sid Bass) 1955
11. I Wish You'd Fall In Love With Me (Charles Antell - Don Wolf) 1955
12. Apollo Umberto Silvano Roberto Romano (Kermit Goell - Fred Spielman) 1955
13. My Social Hot Dog (From League) (Dan Shapiro - Jerry Livingston) 1956
14. Too Close For Comfort (Jerry Block - Larry Holofcenner) 1956
15. The Scene Of The Crime (Athena Hosey - Bert Sier) 1956
16. Dumayerry (Al Lewis - Charles Tobias) 1956
17. Then I'll Be Tired Of You (Arthur Schwartz - E. Y. Harburg) 1956
18. The Bean Song (Which Way To Boston?) (R. Stanley) 1957
19. Que Pasa My Love (J. Sherman - N. Sherman) 1957
20. Everybody's Buddy (Adams - Charlap) 1957
21. Goodnight, My Love (Gordon - Revel) 1957
22. Watch Out For Your Heart (Plummer) 1957
23. Hearts Are Funny Things (Plummer) 1957
24. If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked A Cake (Hoffman - Watts - Merrill) 1959
25. When Love Happens To You (Timberg - Taylor) 1959
26. The Joke (Is Not On Me) (Gordy - Bradford) 1960
27. That Old Feeling (Brown - Fain) 1960
28. Oh Love (Dale Fitzsimmons) 1962
29. You Say You Love Me (M. Tableporter - D. Fitzsimmons) 1962
30. The Earth Stood Still (Sid Wayne - Sharon Silbert) 1963
31. Patty Cake - Patty Cake (Sid Wayne - Sharon Silbert) 1963

Record Labels:
1-17 Coral, 18-23 Epic, 24-25 MGM, 26-27 UA, 28-29 Crest, 30-31 20th Century


A little about Eileen Barton - one of many lost heroines and heros of by-gone eras.

What has now become commonplace in the music business? - Forgetfulness. Actually it's not only forgetfulness but the profit driven corporate mindset that has almost completely removed fun from the music business. At any rate it seems that if any fun is to be found in the music business today it is phony and contrived, taken incredibly seriously and hurled at a molded public that has been conditioned to take fallacy as the real thing. Even Rhino wouldn't consider releasing an Eileen Barton CD - and certainly not one with the tracks on this collection. Never mind.

The Fabulous! Eileen Barton had one massive hit in 1950 called "If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked A Cake" that spent 10 weeks at number 1. It was so popular that there were four more hit versions by various artists including Georgia Gibbs and even a duet by Ethel Merman and Ray Bolger. Still, we had never heard of it until after we began to familiarize ourselves with the wonderful Ms. Barton by way of a song called "My Social Hot Dog (From The Ivy League)" that was found in a box of 45's in a retro music store in the mid 1980's. Eileen has quite a show biz history. Born in 1924, the daughter of vaudevillians, she was performing with people like Eddie Cantor and Milton Berle before she was 10. In her teens she was singing on the radio with Frank Sinatra. It was recently discovered that she recorded a number of sides for Capitol Records in the 1940's without chart success but she entered the charts in March of 1950 in a big way. "If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Have Baked A Cake" on National Records was a huge hit that in the 1980's found itself relegated to a collection of novelty songs called "Mairzy Doats - 44 Wacky Hits". Now, most of Eileen's National sides are included on Jasmine Records anthology released in 2006. The Fabulous! Eileen continued to chart with minor to modest success into 1954 but with the onslaught of Rock 'n' Roll around the corner it appears her chart career was done for. Still, she went on to make many wonderful recordings some of which were Rock 'n' Roll and included several revamped versions of her smash. Eileen appeared in a few film shorts over the years includeing Show For Sale (1937) and College Capers (1954). She appeared on several TV shows in the 50's as a guest or a regular and co-hosted the 1960 game show Video Village. In 1963 she had a small part in the movie "Promises, Promises", a comedy fiasco starring Jayne Mansfield.

Sadly, Eileen passed away in 2006 just a few months before the Jasmine Records 2 disc set was released but fortunately, we were able to find a way for the compiler, Rex Strother connect with Eileen for a marvelous interview that is included in the Jasmine package. Don't miss the Fabulous! Eileen Barton Gallery at Saxony Records which has literally hundreds of images acquired from the late Eileen Barton's personal collection.

Due to copyright issues, Jasmine didn't include any of Eileen's recordings issued after 1955. While we didn't exclude a number of the tracks currently available on the Jasmine anthology that were on our original collection, we added a couple of Coral sides not on Jasmine's set as well as everything that Eileen released on other labels through 1963. Some of the people that Eileen recorded with include Neal Hefti, Lawrence Welk, Johnny Desmond, The McGuire Sisters and Jimmy Wakely.

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