"The Fabulous! - Eileen Barton"
Initially the only image of Eileen that we had to work with when this piece was created was an old souvenir postcard we'd found in a vintage shop on City Island. We tried to create a '50's vibe for a background on the cover as well as attempting '50's colors. The scan of the photo had a texture that we came close to recreating for the background so it looks like it's all textured on purpose. We created the pattern of musical instruments for the background of the tray insert which he used in an altered form on the label. The original package is what we call, "Building with tools available at the time." After Ms. Barton passed away in 2006 hundreds of photos from her estate became available. When we updated the package to include many of her recordings not on the Jasmine set, we included five of them on the inside of the cover, all from the period represented on this collection (1952-1963). To see the complete track listing as well as a brief bio/editorial, click here. See more details in the Sort Of Records catalog.
We are delighted to announce our affiliation with Saxony Records who, with our help, initiated the Eileen Barton anthology released on Jasmine Records in the UK in 2006. Be sure to take a look at the Fabulous! Eileen Barton Gallery at Saxony Records' website.

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