Julie Budd
Child Of Plenty

1. All's Quiet On West 23rd (Arthur Resnick - Joe Levine)
2. Black Is Black (S. Wadie - T. Hayes - M. Grainger)
3. Child Of Plenty (Herb Bernstein - Bud Rehak)
4. People Are Strange (R. Krieger - J. Morrison)
5. New Hope (Gary Knight - Francine Neiman)
6. Yesterday's Sunshine (Bud Rehak - Herb Bernstein)
7. Little Toy Store (H. Finkelstein - B. Zahariades)
8. Whistle A Tune (Herb Bernstein - Bud Rehak)
9. Georgie Porgie (Gary Knight - Francine Neiman)
10. Fly, Little Bird (Bud Rehak - Herb Bernstein)
11. Follow Your Dream (Gary Knight - Francine Neiman)

= Stereo =

Produced, Arranged & Conducted by Herb Bernstein
Cover Photo: Bob Golden

I'm starting my album collection of JULIE BUDD with this one. Imagine…an eighth-grader with that kind of magic. Our audience was honestly stunned by her simple but beautiful performance…. There's no one to compare her with. You'll see…
- Merv Griffin

JULIE BUDD and I became friends about a year-and-a-half ago. She was all of 12 years old.

Within seconds after I first heard her sing in a talent show at the Catskills' Tamarack Lodge, I knew that here was this generation's big young star…a little girl with the impact of the early Judy Garland. What impressed me most, she was equally at home with today's contemporary music as with standards and show-tunes. I knew I had to find a way to bring her to the public's attention.

At MGM, Mort Nasatir, Lenny Scheer, and Bob Morgan were equally overwhelmed with the vocal ability of a girl so young, and gave me the green-light to produce a single release and an album. After a year's search for the right material, we think we've succeeded in presenting 11 separate, individual experiences in this LP beginning with ALL'S QUIET ON WEST 23rd STREET, and YESTERDAY'S SUNSHINE. I hope the listener will give particular attention to GEORGIE PORGIE, for it demonstrates a mature quality and range most unique for Julie's age.

At this very moment Julie's star is rising, and incidents like a standing ovation for her first Merv Griffin TV appearance attest to the fact that this child of plenty is something special indeed. "The kid from Brooklyn" will be with us for a long, long time.
- Herb Bernstein

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