Susan Rafey - Hurt So Bad...and then some

1. Hurt So Bad (Teddy Randazzo - Bobby Hart-Weinstein)
2. A World Without Sunshine (Paul Vance - Lee Pockriss)
3. The Way Of Love (Al Stillman - Jack Dieval)
4. Bring Back The Love You Gave Me (Art Kaplan)
5. As I Care For You (Lynn Russo - Peter Shayne)
6. The Big Hurt (Wayne Shanklin)
7. What Now My Love (Et Maintenant) (G. Becaud - P. Delance - Carl Sigman)
8. Yesterday (Lennon - McCartney)
9. I Can't Say (Estelle Levitt - Lee Pockriss)
10. Wonderful, Wonderful (B. Raleigh - S. Edwards)
11. That Wonderful Feeling Of Love (Clint Ballard, Jr. - Helen Kelly)
12. The Edge Of Heaven (Peter Udell - Gary Geld)

Bonus Tracks:
13. I'm Telling You Now (Garrity - Murray) [Verve 10413]
14. You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It) (McCarthy - Monaco) [Verve 10413]
15. He'll Go Back To Her Again (Podell - Schorr) [Verve 10498]
16. If I Can't Have Your Love (Podell - Schorr) [Verve 10498]
17. In Other Words (Bart Howard) [Kapp 382]
18. A Kiss To Remember You By (Brass - Levine) [Kapp 382]
19. Just Another Pretty Face (L. Rosenblatt - V. Millrose) [Jubilee 5468]
20. Let Me Tell You Baby (Mark Anthony) [Jubilee 5468]
21. The Prince (Jackie DeShannon - Shari Sheeley) [Jubilee 5504]
22. Right On Time (T. Howard - H. Bernstein) [Jubilee 5504]

1-12 Produced by Creed Taylor
1-14 Arranged & Conducted by Alan Lorber
Cover Photo by Jay Maisel
Cover Design by Acy R. Lehman
13 & 14 Prod. by Creed Taylor; Arr. By Don Sebesky
15 & 16 Prod. by Les Carter; Arr. & Cond. By Donald Peake
15 & 16 Arranged & Conducted by Herb Bernstein
17 & 18 Orchestra Dir. By Bill Ramal
19-22 Produced by Mickey Eichner


Miss Susan Rafey

Dear Susan:

I just listened to your album and have written thank you notes to all the people who helped you make it possible. To Creed Taylor for his faith in you and the fine job he did as your producer, to Alan Lorber for his beautiful arrangements and to Brooks Arthur for his fine engineering job. No I feel it is time to write and thank you.

In the years to come, you will be receiving hundreds of fan letters. However, I wanted mine to be the first. All during the recording sessions many accolades were given to the different people involved, but none of us took time out to tell you how proud and happy you made us. All the people behind the scenes of this album have been in the recording business for a long time and have spent many hours in the recording studios. However, very rarely do we get to feel the sense of excitement that was created at your sessions. It was truly a case of watching a star being born. A talent such as you possess is a rare, God-given gift. The feeling you put into each song makes that song come alive and become meaningful to all those who listen. The tears that you shed during songs like What Now My Love are the tears shed by millions of people listening and feeling the impact of emotions so perfectly put into words and set to music.

At 18, Susan, the doors of the world are just beginning to open up for you. Never forget how lucky you are to have had such a fine start in life. Your lovely parents and your little brother, Donny, all are partially responsible for what you are today. It is to them you owe your fine understanding of people, your quick mind, and your ability to keep a level head in all situations. It was their encouragement that helped sustain your dedication to what I am sure will be a long and successful career.

When people ask me about you, I find myself at a loss for words. I can't tell them sad stories of your childhood, of neuroses, of psychological problems or any other tidbits they may find interesting. I can only tell them you are a healthy, normal, happy young lady. I can only tell them to know you is to love you and to work with you is a rewarding and thrilling experience. For those people who know you now and for all those that are yet to meet you, you will always be a fine example of an American teenager and, in the years to come, of a lovely young woman.

As your friend and confidant, I want to thank you for the many hours of pleasure we have spent together. For all the laughs and for all the problems we have shared. As your manager, I want to thank you for making me feel as proud of you as you have in the past and as I know you will continue to do in the future.

Lynn Russo

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