Georgia Gibbs - Call Me

1. Call Me (Tony Hatch)
2. Blue Grass (J. Sherman - G. D. Weiss)
3. Don't Cry Joe (Joe Marsala)
4. You Can Never Get Away From Me (Greenfield - Keller)
5. Big Wide World (T. Randazzo - B. Weinstein - B. Barberis)*
6. Kiss Of Fire '66 (A. G. Villolvo - L. Allen - R. Hill)
7. Let Me Cry On Your Shoulder (J. Sherman - G. D. Weiss)
8. Let Him Know (Jo Slater)
9. Venice Blue (Anzavour - Lees - Dorin)
10. I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way (Breedlove - Brown)
11. In Time (B. Barberis - B. Wilding - T. Randazzo)*
12. Let Me Dream (L. Stallman - B. Wilding - T. Randazzo)*

A Weiss - Sherman Production
Arranged & Conducted by Joe Sherman
*Arranged & Conducted by Teddy Randazzo

If there was no Georgia Gibbs, the pop music business would have had to invent her. For, it is difficult to think of a record show or a record collection or even a song that doesn't benefit from the Georgia Gibbs' touch.

It is a touch that is marked with professionalism and vocal buoyancy that gives everything she comes into contact with an unforgettable lift. It is also a touch that, once implanted on a song, becomes indelible. Who can erase the exciting memories of her recordings of "Kiss Of Fire," "Seven Lonely Days," "Tweedle Dee" and "Dance With Me Henry?" And, it is a touch that never falters because she continues to create memorable disk events, as witness her most recent clicks, "Let Me Cry On Your Shoulder" and "Call Me."

With that kind of track record, you can be sure that there will be still more hits to come. Her consistency in this inconsistent pop music business is based on her vocal versatility and the fact that she always draws the top producers and arrangers of the day to help her cause. In the case of this album, she has enlisted the aid of Joe Sherman, George Weiss and Teddy Randazzo to help her fashion a repertoire that suits the musical moods of today and will find a place in the standard recorded repertoire of the future.

That is the nature of Georgia Gibbs' style. She sings for today and tomorrow. But, what is more important - she sings for you and you can't help but be touched by her presence.

- Mike Gross

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