Kurt Russell

1. Hey Baby I Love You (D. Janssen - B. Delbert)
2. Sugar, Sugar (Barry - Kim)
3. My Baby Loves Lovin' (Cook - Greenaway)
4. It Ain't Gonna Rain Anymore (D. Janssen - S. Steward)
5. I Believe In Love (D. Janssen - S. Steward)
6. Moving Like A River (D. Janssen - D. Valentini)
7. Dizzy (T. Roe - F. Weeler)
8. Randi Randi (A. Roberts)
9. A Summer Song (Metcalf - Noble - Stuart)
10. Hey Mr. Sun (D. Janssen)

Produced by Danny Janssen & Bobby Young
Arrangements by Al Capps
Hey Baby I Love You arranged by Janssen & Delbert


Original Liner Notes:

Kurt spends lots of time with his acting and singing careers, but not so much that he doesn't find plenty of hours to devote to other things he loves - like his horses, and fans, and sports…lots and lots of sports.

His work day often begins with some road work, often with his record producer Danny Janssen. Would you believe that Kurt even finds time for an extra career as a semi-pro baseball player? His heavy schedule is all fun though, because he's doing all the things he likes - including riding his crazy "tri-bike," a favorite form of relaxation.

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