Heaven Bound with Tony Scotti

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

1. Five Hundred Miles (Hedy West)
2. I Kept On Loving You (P. Williams - R. Nichols)
3. (Everything Is) Love And Sunshine (Tommy Oliver)
4. Open Up Your Heart (M. Curb)
5. Bluebird (Steve Stills)
6. Reaching Out For Someone (Dick Holler)
7. Come Run With Me (J. Bryant - R. Obegi)
8. On The Way Home (Neil Young)
9. I Will (J. Lennon - P. McCartney)
10. He'd Rather Have The Rain (T. Cashman - T. West)

Bonus Tracks
11. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (N. Sedaka - H. Greenfield)
12. Heaven Bound (Hatch)
13. We'll Make Music (Donovan - Medora - Di Giovanni)
14. Mother Country (J. Smith - J. Liliedahl)

1-11, 13 & 14 Stereo; 12 Mono
1-10 Prod. by Tony Scotti, Tommy Oliver & Michael Lloyd
11 & 14 Prod. by Michael Lloyd & Tony Scotti
12-13 Prod. by Michael Lloyd

Heaven Bound includes Joan Medora, Eddie Medora, Tony Scotti, Tommy Oliver and Michael Lloyd

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