The Angels Get To Heaven With Halos

Initially we created an album to showcase the singles that The Angels recorded for RCA in 1967 and 1968. We have now updated the package which includes the 1964 Peggy Sans single, all eight sides by the Halos from '65-66 and Toni Mason's 1967 single. The cover image is from one of those souvenir postcards and features the girls in the line-up of Jiggs Allbut, Barbara Allbut and Bernadette Carroll. The inside has a picture of the line-up of Jiggs and Barbara along with Debra Swisher. In addition there's a photo of The Halos and one of Peggy. Though we don't like doing our track listings sideways on the tray insert, in this case we had to in order to fit all the info we wanted to include. The label features all six of the girls who appear on the disc. To see complete track listing, click here. More info in the Sort Of Records catalog.

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