Mae West - Wild Christmas

Okay - so we cheated...twice. Here's how: 1. We had a good scan of the original cover but it was so utterly terrible that we decided to use it on the inside of the insert. That way, purists can simply flip it around to experience the authentic, if ultra tacky and CHEAP original cover (and yes, if the original designer is still around, we hope he is insulted). 2. We decided the mood of this fairly excellent album was best represented by the Mae in the photo we ultimately used and dear me, it turned out to be an exquisite Mae imitator...but the mood was so right we used it anyway. Of course we included a disclaimer that our cover Mae West and Kris Kringle were being protrayed by actors! For the tray we reproduced the photo and personal letter from Mae to her fans on the original back cover only gave it a less cheesey presentation. We managed to find another photo of Mae in another pose with her electric guitar and surrounded her with a beautiful Christmas on the label. More details in the Sort Of Records catalog.

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