Mrs. Wilk's Miracle Schmaltz
A Truly Remarkable Recording of Various Artists Compiled by Sun

Back in the 70's before the retro 'bachelor pad' genre became, well, a retro genre Sun was madly collecting all sorts of records by Mantovani, Andre Kostelanitz, Joe Harnell and the like as well as lots of those spiffy hi-fidelity Command Performance LP's from the 50's & early 60's. Sun has crafted probably close to two dozen 90 minute tapes filled with this music fitted out with a variety of soft pop from Sun's extensive 45 collection from those and subsequent eras. These have fondly been dubbed "The Schmaltz Series". The jewel in the crown of the Schmaltz collection came by way of reintroducing himself to records he hadn't listened to in many years. Doing so at around the same time as close friend Michael Wilk's upcoming birthday gave him an opportunity to craft this one with his friend in mind as he had done years before while programming music for his mother's retail establishment. Many of these compilations had the word 'schmaltz' in the title including "Little Shop Of Schmaltz" and "Schmaltzaholic" and when it came time to name this gift for Michael inspiration struck and "Mrs. Wilk's Miracle Schmaltz" was born. Sun decided to transfer this compilation to CD and along with that came the opportunity to create original CD artwork. Reverently featured on the front cover: Merv Griffin, Eileen Barton, The Mod Squad, The Hullabaloo Dancers, Dusty Springfield, Gene Pitney, Connie Francis, Eydie Gorme, Lulu, Julie Andrews, Ella Mae Morse and of course Mrs. Wilk. Disc 1 features images of Dusty and Gene and that's The DeCastro Sisters on Disc 2 and the back cover. Words escape us as we try to describe this awesome cavalcade of audio euphoria. To see the playlist, click here. See more details in the Sort Of Records catalog.

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