Two Really Happenin' Sound Tracks On One CD
BeyondThe Valley Of The Dolls and Barbarella

When Sun was asked to put these on one CD he was again elated by the inspired combination but whew, what a challenge. First, it all ran over the 80 minute time limit of the CD. So after bouncing some ideas around the decision was made to make the Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls sound track more accurate by removing a dreary song that doesn't appear in the movie. A reprise of the vocal version of the theme was also removed and "Incense & Peppermints" which was not on the original album but was in the movie was added. Sun had the "Incense & Peppermints" album and decided to use the band and some of the groovy imagery from that album along with artwork from both of the other albums. Sun also added some additional images of Barbarella to the outside and inside of the cover. An afterthought created a few regrets about the final design so Sun went back to work on the inside of the j-card by adding in the Ami Rushes promo single of "Look On Up At The Bottom". Then he snuck in a picture of Bob Crewe who composed and produced the Barbarella score. He'd also overlooked putting a picture of The Sandpipers in the design so he snuck them in as well. They not only sang the theme song from Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls, they also played The Strawberry Alarm Clock in the film!

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