Ladies Of Burlesque
1. Marilyn Monroe, Adele Jergens & The Ladies - "Ladies Of The Chorus" (Alan Roberts, Lester Lee), from the 1949 film
2. Alice Faye - "Whose Big Baby Are You?" (Ted Koehler, Jimmy McHugh) from the 1935 film "King Of Burlesque"
3. Grace Bradley - "Cradle Me With A Ha-Cha Lullaby" (Sam Coslow, Arthur Johnston), from the 1933 film "Too Much Harmony"
4. Glenda Farrell - "Surprise!" from the 1938 film "A Man's Castle"
5. Miriam Hopkins - "Put A Little Rhythm In Everything You Do" (Mack Gordon, Harry Revell), from the 1934 film "She Loves Me Not"
6. Ann Sothern - "I've Still Got My Health" (Cole Porter), from the 1942 film "Panama Hattie"
7. Virginia O'Brien - "Salome" (E.Y. Harburg, Ralph Freed, Burton Lane), from the 1943 film "DuBarry Was A Lady"
8. Lee Patrick - "Love Me" (Jack Scholl, M.K. Jerome), from the 1941 film "Footsteps In The Dark"
9. Mary Martin - "That's How I Got My Start" (Victor Schertzinger, Frank Loesser), from the 1941 film "Kiss The Boys Goodbye"
10. Lucille Ball - "Oh Mother, What Do I Do Now?" (Chet Forrest, Bob Wright), from the 1940 film "Dance Girl Dance"
11. Marion Martin - Palsy Walsy" (Johnny Mercer, Harold Arlen), from the 1943 film "They Got Me Covered"
12. Constance Moore - "I'm Only Teasin' " (Edward Heyman, Morton Gould), from the 1945 film "Delightfully Dangerous"
13. Ann Miller - "Eadie Was A Lady" (B.G. DeSylva, Richard Whiting, Herb Nacio Brown), from the 1945 film "Eadie Was A Lady"
14. The Girls - "Bring On The Girls" (Harold Adamson, Jimmy McHugh), from the 1945 film "Bring On The Girls"
15. Barbara Stanwyck - "Take It Off The E String (Play It On The G String)" (Sammy Cahn, Harry Akst), from the 1943 film "Lady Of Burlesque"
16. Iris Adrian - "Trap That Wolf" (Ben Raleigh, Bernie Wayne), from the 1947 film "The Trouble With Women
17. Betty Grable - "May I Tempt You With A Big Red Apple?" (Mack Gordon, Josef Myrow), from the 1950 film "Wabash Avenue"
18. Shelley Winters - "Lie To Me", from the 1954 film "Playgirl"
19. Adele Jergens - "Ev'ry Baby Needs A Da-Da-Daddy"" (Alan Roberts, Lester Lee), from the 1950 film "The Traveling Salesman"
20. Ann Sheridan - "Would You Like A Souvenir?" (Jack Scholl, Eddie Cherkose, M.K. Jerome) from the 1947 film "Nora Prentiss"
21. Jan Sterling - "It Ain't Gonna Be You", from the 1954 film "The Human Jungle"
22. Jane Wyman - "The Call Of The Wild" (Lester Lee, Ned Washington), from the 1953 film "Let's Do It Again"
23. Kathryn Grayson - "I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate"
(Armand J. Piron), from the 1953 film "So This Is Love"
24. Rita Hayworth & Jo Ann Greer - "Zip" (Lorenz Hart, Richard Rodgers), from the 1957 film "Pal Joey"
25. Nita Talbot - "I Got News For You", from the 1965 film "Girl Happy"
26. Joanne Woodward - "Something's Gotta Give" (Johnny Mercer), from the 1963 film "The Stripper"
27. Cara Williams - "I Refuse To Rock And Roll" (Sammy Cahn, Nicholas Brodsky),
from the 1956 film "Meet Me In Las Vegas"

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