Ladies Of Burlesque
This is an album of burlesque numbers in Hollywood films from the 1930's through the 1960's.It features numbers you'd expect by the likes of Betty Grable, Alice Faye and Rita Hayworth but also scores points with numbers by 'A-List Second Stringers' Lucille Ball, Ann Southern and Shelley Winters. More winning points are scored with girlie numbers by character broads like Iris Adrian and Lee Patrick and also by going for numbers by the less notorious yet equally scrumptious Nita Talbot, Jan Sterling and more. Probably the most famous...or infamous song on the recording is Barbara Stanwyck's "Take It Off The E String (Play It On The G String)" from the ultra campy murder mystery "Lady Of Burlesque" from which the album takes it's name. The original cover art was rather unfortunate. The album was created in the 1970's and had an illustration that reflected the era's it was trying to evoke through the filter of those disco-happy years. The only things that Sun used from the original design are the concepts of the pink bubbles and a blue-ish background. The similarities end there and this design looks nothing like the original. Since Sun was not designing a piece for commercial consumption he was able to proceed without worrying about image licensing and was able to create a visual love letter to the "Ladies Of Burlesque". Though not all of the stars pictured in the design are on the CD their images evoke the perfect essence. To see a complete playlist click here.

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