Two Brilliant Film Scores On One CD
Jack The Ripper and Dead Ringer

The decision to combine these two scores on one CD was inspired. Though harpsichord is featured prominently through out Dead Ringer and only sporadically in Jack The Ripper they are a wonderful set piece. The black, red and white graphic is from the original cover of Jack The Ripper and the stylized watercolor face on black comes from the original Dead Ringer cover. There were eight photographs on the back of the original Dead Ringer cover but Sun decided to use just one. In the one he picked was a framed picture on the wall into which he inserted the head shot of Andre Previn that also appeared on the back of the original album. The shadowy sketch in front of the two Bettes is from the back of the original Jack The Ripper cover. There was also a demented little graphic of Bette Davis' head blending into a skull on the cover of Dead Ringer that Sun has used to great effect in all of the panels. See more details in the Sort Of Records catalog. To see a list of the track titles, click here.

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